8 Hottest Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2024

8 Hottest Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2024

Affiliate Marketing

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January 10, 2024


Affiliate Marketing

In 2023, Affiliate Marketing trends were all about investing in social marketing.

Getting more influencer partnerships, working with nano and micro-influencers, but also prioritizing cross-device tracking and the ongoing rise of voice search SEO.


But 2023 is behind us, and because we know you crave innovative strategies in affiliate marketing, let’s review some of 2024’s latest affiliate marketing trends together!

Top 8 Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2024

1. Say “Hey Hi” to AI

AI tools are growing fast in the affiliate marketing industry. They can help you with e-mail automation, faster writing, visual creation, and more. As with every revolution, you’d better be the first to get on the train if you don’t want to be left behind!

Do not worry a second if you want to learn more about AI tools that will change your affiliate marketer day-to-day without searching for hours: we wrote an article about that!

What about the use of AI in our in-house tools? Our Smartlink Promo Tool is now smarter than ever, leveraging powerful machine learning algorithms. If you're interested, take a peek at this article that explains how our upgraded Smartlink can elevate your performance to new heights.


2. Automation and Tracking for the Win

With streamlined processes, automated tasks, and simplified administrative duties, you can free up your time and focus on what really matters.

Even if we spoke about AI earlier (like, a minute ago), we’ll talk about it again! Some tools are specifically designed to help you with tracking and analyzing real-time data.

For example (and as told earlier), CrakRevenue created a SmartLink. An exclusive turnkey solution designed to maximize your earnings with one powerful link.

A perfect combination of machine learning and business intelligence powered by complex algorithms that process thousands of data lines automatically, just for you. CrakRevenue’s Smartlink is optimized for 300+ top-converting offers on 251 geos.

It opens a new sea of opportunities for you. Let the world’s smartest ad tool work for you!

Smartlink CrakRevenue

3. Let’s Get Even More Social.

Social media such as Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, or YouTube are among the venues that affiliate marketers frequently use. You certainly already know about finding your niche, creating and developing personalized content.

But in 2024, the impact of social media will most certainly grow even bigger. If you don’t have a precise strategy yet, it’s now or never! You should focus on partnering with influencers (big ones but also micro-influencers).

Speaking of influencers, they all should be considered because each and every one of them has a precise community. You might get greater conversions with a micro-influencer with 2k followers who trust him completely than a big one with 500K but no real bond with its community.

Last tip here: stay focused. Focused on what? On new and emerging social media platforms (you need to understand them fast) and on how the one you’re already using changes. Doing so will give you an edge!


4. Analyze Your Analytics

There are four types of data analytics: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive.

Descriptive analytics depicts the past, while diagnostic analytics explains why something happened, predictive analytics forecasts the future, and prescriptive analytics recommends a course of action.

Measuring the traffic of your website allows you to check the quality based on interactions.

Analyzing how your pages perform and comparing key metrics such as sessions and conversion rates can help you determine which traffic sources bring in the most sessions and customers over time.

By consistently applying this strategy, you'll be able to increase your earnings and ultimately achieve greater success. And ICYMI, Google Analytics 4 is consistently making new updates (43 this year as we are writing this. Oops, it’s now 47).


5. Visual Is Key

People today are flooded with visuals. In this flood, you must capture people's attention and communicate your message in an eye-catching and memorable way.

Images are processed by the brain much faster than words, so using visuals must be a great part of your strategy! Trust us, your audience will thank you for the eye-catching content!

Even if it’s not a new thing, we can assure you that AR and VR are going to be a great part of UI/UX trends in 2024. We’ve seen them grow. Now, we’ll see them revolutionize shopping experiences or gaming interfaces. The keyword to memorize is immersion!

In terms of design, we couldn’t emphasize enough that you should look into 3D design elements, which are already a thing in 2023 but promise to be all over the place in 2024!

3D design

6. Think Mobile First

Who’s not on their phone at least 3h a day in 2023? Well, you better believe it will increase in 2024! Almost half of the Earth’s population uses smartphones, and this number is expected to grow 75% by 2025.

Since people can buy nearly anything on their phones, buying is generally fast and straightforward. You should expect significant growth by optimizing affiliate offers or promotions for mobile users and focusing on reaching target audiences on their mobile devices!

7. You Tried Telling Stories. Try Storytelling!

Storytelling is crucial for success in engagement. And engagement will be your key to success in affiliate marketing in 2024. It helps create meaningful conversations, build relationships, and foster loyalty.

By crafting a compelling story, you will immerse your audience, encourage interaction, and leave them wanting more. Join the storytelling revolution today!

You’ve heard of the creator economy. Well, in 2024, it’s gonna be a huge part of marketing strategies. People like stories. You only have to tell yours!

It’s time to try out social shopping experiences and user-generated content and be part of the future of online marketing!

8. Make It Personal

This one goes in paired with storytelling. Of course, you’ll have to put some effort into storytelling. But the more we go, the more people can get used to it. And that’s where you put a cherry on the top: by personalizing. Know your audience, and you’ll know how to talk to them properly.

It is important to go beyond what they expect, not only to satisfy them but also because it will have a direct impact on your revenue. For most brands, 50% of their revenue comes from the top 10% of their customers, and 90% of their revenue comes from the top 20% of their customers.

Therefore, it is crucial to find ways to retain these valuable customers and attract more like them. This is where personalization can be a powerful tool. Get closer to your audience, create a strong connection with them, and they’ll follow you (almost) anywhere!

What’s Coming for CrakRevenue in 2024?

Big things are coming in 2024! And trust us, you would not want to miss them!

New OnlyFans models for you to promote

New features in the CrakRevenue platform

More AI tools

And many more exclusive offers

If some say “new year, new me,” we say new year, new deals!! Keep posted as we expand our offers month after month!

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We have much more in store for 2024!!


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