3 Reasons Why You Should Use Native Ads

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Native Ads

Affiliate Marketing

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August 16, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

The future is now! A little while back, you may recall, we even said that Contextual Advertising was the future of online marketing. And with good reason!

Here are the 3 reasons why you should consider making Native Ads part of your overall marketing strategy...

1- Because they get around Banner Blindness

Even if they worked better than most consumers actually believe, banners on the web are often overlooked by users. In fact, 86% of consumer suffer from it.

Banner blindness is the real deal however and the reasons users are affected by it varies.

The most common belief is that users are so used to seeing advertisements everywhere they look. Anything that remotely resembles a banner gets blocked out mentally by many. These people are so used to seeing ads that none of them, well … none of the ads leave much of an impression.

Or, perhaps the user is focused on something else on the site. You know—like your content.

That's where Native Ads intervene. Because they look like another piece of content — an extension of your site — and these “ads” sometimes resemble a site without any advertisements (to inexperienced surfers).

Most importantly, Native Ads when done right neither distract nor disrupt the user experience, encouraging a greater number of users to click.

Native ads blend with their surroundings

The fact that these contextual ads don’t stop the user in their tracks creates the perfect, optimal natural funnel … often leading to more conversions.

2- Because they help build trust in your brand

Implementing banners on one’s site is a lot like casting a net. You hope to catch some of the traffic that, at that precise moment in time, is ready to sign up for something, fill out a form, or make some sort of a purchase at the end of the day.

You end up selling, but it doesn’t mean that your customer will come back to you once that banner disappears. In a way, traditional banners are more about opportunism than recognition.

But with a good content that gives the consumer valid reasons to buy your product, you instill users with a sense of security.

Why wouldn’t you buy this product when a reputable review tells you that this is the ‘best one’ for your particular need?—is what your customer will think. This way, you are creating a bond, a connection with your consumer, creating a sense of trust.

Random fact: Data shows that 40% of Canadians trust a brand more after reading branded content or a brand’s blog.

No matter how good your heading and call-to-action is, it doesn’t stand a chance against a well-thought-out pitch or design to appeal to the needs of your users while not forcing anything down their throats. With good content marketing, your user bites on its own.

3- Because they convert better

Consumers looked at less intrusive native ads 53% more often than display ads. And they tend to convert, on average, 18% more with Native types than traditional ones.

By creating trust in your brand, and by, with the help of your content, giving it credibility, your users will feel secure when it’s time to pull out their credit card.

Remember, since contextual ads result in more clicks, the user becomes more invested in your content—especially the type of content that caused them to click in the first place—ultimately producing the best natural funnel anyone could ever hope for.

The user has the impression that his decision to yield your desired result was based on free will and his choice alone, influenced only by intellect (okay fine—and maybeee some carnal desires).

Jump on the Native Advertising train!

Remember back in June when we were looking for beta testers? Well, we just want to update you and let you know that our brand-new Native Ad tool is now in its final stages of development.

So, please, stay tuned!

We promise — it won’t be long before you have access to all the benefits of Native Ads at CrakRevenue. Trust us, our team (and a shout out to all the beta testers who have helped test this new feature) are working diligently on making this new tool better than ever so you, too, can generate more revenue with this fantastic money-making tool!

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