The Whale’s Digest #1: Best Jerkmate Offers & Tools

The Whale’s Digest #1: Best Jerkmate Offers & Tools

Whale's Digest

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May 13, 2024


Whale's Digest

Greetings, CrakRevenue Affiliates! 👋

In this periodic quick read, you’ll find our latest insights, tips and stats to help you achieve new heights of success!

There’s a saying that goes, Affiliate Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Make good use of these opportunities for growth, diversification or optimization, and they might become the next ace up your sleeve! 💪

Best Cam Offers (Jerkmate)🏷️

This month’s top-earning Cam offers for CrakRevenue Affiliates are the following 💰:

🏷️ Jerkmate $60 PPS (#8780)

(Earn up to $60.00 for each new premium subscription or purchase!)

🏷️ Jerkmate $5 PPL-DOI (8865)

(Earn up to $5.00 for each completed subscription. Email confirmation is required.)

🏷️ Jerkmate 30% RevShare Lifetime (6224)

(Earn 30% of all spending made by your traffic forever!)


Best Landing Pages to promote Jerkmate 🎯

Our crew tests tons of creatives each month to help you achieve maximum results. 📈

Here are our top offers’ landing pages that have generated the most conversions over the past month:

🎯 Command & Obey - Rocky Emerson

🎯 Command & Obey - Beth Bennett

🎯 Command & Obey - April Olsen

🎯 Command & Obey - Armani Black

🎯 Command & Obey - Kylie Rocket

🎯 Command & Obey - Avery Black & Jade Kush

So, if you promote Jerkmate in PPS (#8780) or PPL (#8865), give our Command & Obey landing page rotation a try! 🚀

If you’re working with RevShare Lifetime (#6224), you can choose from these top-converting landing pages and select one specific Command & Obey landing page.

These Jerkmate Games are an innovative landing page type developed by CrakRevenue to nurture conversions and spending among qualified traffic sources. Its interactive aspect and Gold-triggered actions offer an enticing teaser before inviting your traffic to “have real fun” with real cam models on Jerkmate. 💪💸

You can also use these Jerkmate Games through our Embedded Games promo tool (keep reading to learn more)! 🔧

Best Cam Models on Jerkmate 🔥

Would you like to drive your traffic to a specific model’s room? Let’s do it! 💪

Here are the last month’s top-converting rooms on Jerkmate! 👇

🔥 ClaraVanessa

🔥 AmberAlena

🔥 MissHornyMiss

🔥 HelenWaldorf

🔥 AutumnJane

Here’s how to customize your tracking link:

1. Open the landing page selector:

2. Type the word “direct” in the search bar, select the Direct To Model (&model=) landing page, and click the SAVE button:

3. Customize your link by adding your source and one or multiple Sub IDs:

4. Click the green button to copy your tracking link, and paste it somewhere you can edit.

5. Edit your tracking link by adding the &model= parameter at the end.

Ex: &model=claravanessa

And voilà! Make sure to test your link to make sure it redirects properly. 💸🧲

Need some help? Feel free to chat with us or contact your Affiliate Manager! 💬

Best Promo Tools 🧰

Last but not least, our exclusive array of high-performing promo tools can help you get maximum conversions! 🧰🚀

Here are the best-converting promo tools for our current top offers and other cam offers:

🔧 Prestitial Ads: Prestitial ads are displayed over your website content to capture your users’ attention. They usually appear right on top of your webpage and are shown before anyone can access your content.

🔧 Postitial Ads: A powerful and innovative digital ad tool that is shown to your users between two web pages after they’ve clicked on a link. Unlike Prestitial ads, Postitial ads are displayed after the user engages with the content, maximizing visibility without disrupting the experience.

🔧 Embedded Games: This hard-to-miss tool integrates an interactive seduction game into your website in minutes. Let your users choose from the irresistible list of models and be redirected to Jerkmate to have real fun.

🔧 Live & Pre-Recorded Chat Head: A discreet and non-invasive Cam Widget type that ensures a smooth user experience on your website. A chat bubble shows a live or pre-recorded preview of a top-converting performer. Users can click the bubble to open the notification and join the chat room instantly.

🔧 Cam Swipe: This cam prelander is a unique tool based on a social media feed-style funnel. Display live models from various cam providers on one page, letting your users scroll through and click for more.

It’s a Wrap!

Thank you for reading this first issue of The Whale’s Digest! 💡🐳

We hope these insights will help you achieve greater results in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for the next issue!


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