Podcast: What’s Next in Affiliate Marketing

Podcast: What’s Next in Affiliate Marketing
CrakRevenue YNOT podcast about affiliate marketing and how to make money online and earn a commission


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May 17, 2021



Are you already in the affiliate marketing business, or are you trying to figure out how you can make money with affiliate marketing?

Either way, this interview is full of precious information that’ll help you focus your energies and make more money in 2021.

Maxime’s role at CrakRevenue is to build and manage performing teams, help affiliates achieve success and make sure our partners have the best possible experience working with us.

On this episode of YNOT’s podcast, Maxime describes the current state of the adult affiliate marketing industry and shares his vision of what’s on most affiliates’ minds right now.

He also shares his tips for success and tells which adult vertical generally performs better than others.

You can listen to the podcast here!

Keep reading to catch some quick hot picks, though we strongly recommend listening to the whole thing.

CrakRevenue is one of the most reliable companies in the affiliate marketing arena. It’s a company with a lot of resources that’ll be there tomorrow and one of the most important companies in the adult affiliate marketing landscape.

Connor Young CEO of YNOT and podcast host

Connor: What would you say to people who say affiliates can’t make money anymore?

Max: I totally disagree. Things are changing, that’s for sure. But yet, the adult industry isn’t going anywhere, and I think the recent events regarding regulations and content will only benefit new affiliates interested in making money with Adult the right way.

Building relationships within the industry is pretty important. If you’re an affiliate, you can play the lone wolf card, but learning tips and tricks from the people out there is definitely to your advantage.”

“I think the best way to be good at affiliate marketing is to learn from other people and stay informed about what’s going on. Right now, STM and affLIFT forums would be my go-to places.”

“Affiliates looking for new business opportunities should have a look at the online medicine vertical. Obviously, with the COVID pandemic still going on, this type of service will only continue to grow in 2021.”

“CrakRevenue is definitely going to work with influencers in 2021. We should see pretty cool stuff coming out in the next few months. Keep an eye out!”

“Our Affiliate Managers and Customer Experience Team are here to help if you have any doubts or questions regarding your affiliate business.”

Learn much more from CrakRevenue’s Network Director listening to the full podcast episode hosted by YNOT!


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