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Offer GEO-targeting isn’t just about the language, but rather that targeted feel. See why these locally-targeted Binary offers available at CrakRevenue are worth promoting!

“Whenever we provide a highly-targeted, highly-localized offer at our CPA network, it tends to surpass and outperform all others, even similar offers with multi-translated landings per country. The data and results we’ve seen with this has been staggering,” says Thierry Bouchard, Business development Manager at CrakRevenue.

“We’ve really seen this trend in Dating (‘local hookup’ related offers), we’ve seen it with Nutra, and we’re now seeing it in other verticals like with Binary options,” notes Bouchard.

These local offers not only speak to the user in his or her language, but appeal to their culture.

And the truth is, just about all the Binary offers we’ve recently rolled out and introduced on our platform have been delivering in this regard.


What are Binary options, anyway?

Think of it like gambling on the results of the stock market, instead of directly investing in and buying individual stocks themselves.

Each one is specifically designed to appeal to local users. For example, take a look at this landing page — it’s the lander for The Swedish Method. And take a look at those user comments!

The user comments seen here are central to giving off the local community vibe. Even the video they choose to auto-play contains interviews with users. And outside of their bank statement, these users don’t show much signs of luxury.

However, if you were to compare and contrast The Swedish Method’s lander to that of this one — the landing page of Millionen Euro Monats — you’ll see this one has a very different look and feel. For one, it’s designed for German traffic. Secondly, the video content on this page doesn’t particularly have an emphasis on real people. Instead, it focuses more on material goods and paints a vast picture of wealth (cars, houses, champagne…).

You’ll also note that the comments are further down the page; they are not front and center like the former.

Local offer — but a better understanding of the culture.

With all that said, now’s the time to tell you that all these Binary offers are available on our platform! With high payouts like $227.50 PPS, these Binary Offers will make you richer… without gambling.


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