Christmas and Your Adult Affiliate Marketing Sales

Christmas and Your Adult Affiliate Marketing Sales

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Papa Whale


December 23, 2015


Affiliate Marketing


Ahh, ‘tis the season... to be jolly...?  

adjective jol·ly / full of happiness and joy : happy and cheerful; very pleasant or enjoyable.

But is it really?  

From a purely adult marketing standpoint, depending on who you ask—or better yet—where that person is located or what kind of traffic they receive, this opinion is sure to vary.

Don’t get us wrong. We all know Christmas is more about the company of loved ones, families, and friends, and less about money and material things. This we know.  But let’s face it guys, we’re still affiliates & marketers at the end of the day.

The truth of the matter is, we still see a decrease in sales every Christmas Eve, especially in the US.

But what if Santa — ol’ Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas — was actually a sexy, unyielding, always-profitable money-makin’ figure in other countries and cultures around this time?

Because believe it or not, there are still some places where Christmas doesn’t have to be known as “that day of losses” in your stats.

Wanna know where?

Have a look!

Christmas Bollywood Style

Curiously enough, according to our data, Christmas is the only day of the year where the number of Indian conversions is higher than the number of US conversions.

35% of our sales and conversions on Christmas are from India alone, making India the most convertible geographic of the whole holiday season, by far!

Does that mean you should target Indian traffic during the holidays?  Maybe.

Keep in mind, this only happens because the decrease in US conversions is that much higher than that of our Bollywood friend on Christmas.  

But if you do want a little Curry Fever this Xmas, be prepared and ready to monetize the heck out of Indian mobile traffic -- since we’ve noticed more Indian visitors on mobile devices visiting our landing pages than traditional Desktop users.

However, there are of course some countries that really ring in Christmas right -- to the point we actually see MORE conversions.  

Who'd a thunk?

Mother Christmas Sure Turns Asia on!   

How do we know?

Well for one, historically speaking, Asian countries tend to convert better during the holiday season compared to their average weekly performance.

China, Japan, Malaysia… you name it!

These GEOs have an insanely better ROI around this time of year.

However, the stats of these respective Asian countries above don’t even come close to the biggest Christmas Surprise we’ve seen yet!

Drum roll please...

Ladies and gentlemen, our data tells us that Russia and Christmas have some sort of special thing going on.

Mother Christmas seems to be practically besties with Mother Russia.

Last year on Christmas day alone, we saw an increase in conversions nearing +300% on all Russian traffic, beating out the Russian average of any other day of the year.

And What About the Most Catholic Countries?  

Latin American countries tend to be pretty Catholic in nature, so it makes sense to see a slowdown in conversions during the celebration of the birth of Jesus, especially in the Cams vertical (which also happens to be the most popular vertical over there!).

However, this is not the case for all Catholic countries.

Brazil and Mexico for instance — two countries which usually generate considerably more income than Italy during the year — they’re overtaken by this European country during the holiday season.

In other words, Italian income remains stable and steady throughout the holiday season, while Mexico and Brazil drop during Christmas.

Does that mean the Pope's annual Christmas Speech in Rome is less alluring than one of CrakRevenue’s own Italian landings?  Well, we’ll let you make your own conclusions.

Whatever Your Strategy, Don’t Stop Aiming for the Cash Bonus!

Now, regardless of strategy, don’t be scared if you see a decrease in overall conversions during this particular day, or even season. The slowdown is insignificant in the grand scheme of things when compared to the good numbers we witness throughout the whole month of December year after year.

Additionally, what we can tell you, based on our stats — December 2015 is proving to be one helluva season for our affiliates. This might be the best winter yet!

With that said, let us remind you that good results are one surefire way to get your Christmas CA$H Bonus delivered straight into your account, courtesy of this year’s Christmas Challenge! Remember, if you beat your November 2015 earnings by at least $500 this month, we’ll throw in some extra cash in your CrakRevenue stocking.

Best of luck and Happy Holidays to all!

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