GEOs to Watch in 2016

GEOs to Watch in 2016

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


December 30, 2015


Affiliate Marketing


We all have our favorites, and so do our affiliates.

Whether it’s a preferred vertical, payout model, or niche, we do everything in our power to master all the variables to every campaign that comes our way.

With that said, one thing that tends to be make it or break it in regards to so many people’s campaigns, are the GEOs that we’re most accustomed to working with. The GEO is a variable we often have so little control over, but yet, it matters so greatly.

If we take a look at our data, we can say without a doubt that US traffic seems to be the blue-eyed golden boy to most of our affiliates.

Now, having a favorite as far as countries and GEOs go, it’s not necessarily a bad thing; every single one of them comes with its own defining characteristics. But as we all know, favoritism sucks when you aren’t the favorite.

So that’s why, at the dawn of the new year, we’re giving you a heads up on the countries to watch in 2016… GEOs that may have been previously looked down on or over, but yet still ones to have seen tremendous upside in recent years thanks to an overall increase in generated revenue.

Check ‘em out!

South America

Without surprise, 3 out of the 6 countries to watch are from South America.

Indeed, the income generated from this content has steadily increased since 2012. This trend can in large part be attributed to the tremendous popularity and well-performing nature of Live Cam products over there.


Venezuelan traffic has seen a revenue increase of 43% since 2014.

With nearly all of its revenue arising from Cams, this country is probably our best representative of South America’s sweet spot for interactive Live Cams.



With an increase of sales by a whopping 84% in just the last 2 years, Argentina takes the second step of the South American podium.

Familiar again, more than half of the income comes from Cams.

But what’s also notable here is that Adult Paysites make up 27% of the Argentinian market, proving once again that one should never underestimate the power of a good ol’ hardcore Tube.


And here comes Colombia, the South American country with the fastest growth with an increase in revenues of 88% since 2014.

Much like its neighbor counterparts, the most popular vertical over there is, yep, you guessed it, cams!  

Sorry to sound like a broken record!

However, dating offers (like for instance) do perform well over there, and they take up more than a quarter of the market!

West Asia

The next countries to be named are part of the Top 20 World Economic Powers.

Visitors from these countries spend a lot of time and money on the Internet.  

Indeed, even if we’ve witnessed a huge increase in the number of conversions in Asia over the past 5 years-- these are the 2 countries that generated the most revenues.


Turkey has seen a revenue increase of 133% since 2014. Live Cams is still the dominating vertical among Turkish traffic — and is the one to beat — but Adult Paysites aren’t too far behind.


We've seen a surge in revenue of 179% when examining the traffic from our Russian friends.

Two thirds of this soviet nation love cams -- which is reason enough to consider one of our targeted cam products for promotion,!

The Outsider: Africa

OK, so when you think affiliate marketing greatness, we're betting Africa isn't at the top of your “Best Performing GEOs” list.  

For some reason, affiliates tend to look down on traffic coming from these GEOs, despite Maghreb countries actually producing traffic that results in many conversions.

Don't rule these Western North African countries out just yet!

Africa’s smartphone market is on the rise and is about to make some serious waves in the mobile market department.

“As Africa closes in on 1 billion mobile subscriptions, affordable smartphones are contributing significantly in bringing more people online across the continent.”

Source:  Quartz Africa


With a staggering increase of 227% in revenue since 2014, Nigeria is definitely a country you'll want on your radar come 2016.

Don't let those glorious (or should we say, generous...) Nigerian Prince emails cloud your judgement: this demographic actually delivers in the sales department.

Unlike the other GEOs we highlighted today, Nigerians friggin’ love paysites!

They respond to the adult paysite model unlike no other.

The harder?  The better.

In a nutshell…

So, with a drum roll please, here’s a recap on the countries that have seen significant increases in revenue generation since 2014 (and therefore, GEOs that certainly deserve to be watched closely in 2016):


Increase of income since 2014
Venezuela  +43%
Argentina   +84%
Colombia +88%
Turkey +133%
Russia  +179%
Nigeria +227%

Of course, these GEOs don’t even begin to rival that of those typically associated with big spenders — like the US, UK, CA, AU —  and all Western European countries.

Knowing the most popular trends and verticals in each of these countries will not only serve you well, but should provide the insight you need to play the affiliate marketing game just a little bit better this 2016 — while enabling you to scoop these GEOs up at bargain (Remnant) prices!

Best of luck to all.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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