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Advertise smarter, not nore aggressively. It used to be up to the visitor to decide, but not anymore. Here's how to get around ad-blocks!


Advertise Smarter, Not More Aggressively

Ask any webmaster in 2015 how they feel about AdBlock software, and they’ll likely tell you that AdBlock is seriously impeding their earning potential.

Once we accept that the game has changed a little, we’ll know how to play it differently.

Long gone are the days when each of your visitors had the same equal opportunity to see your eye-catching advertisements, and then decide whether it was worth their time to click or not, that is, of course— if it sparked their interest enough.

It used to be up to the visitor to decide, but not anymore.

Good, hard-working webmasters like yourself, running legitimate sites with minimal advertisements, are seeing the fruits of their labor hindered by AdBlocking algorithms. The growing popularity of Adblock has led to decreased earning opportunities all-around since nearly all the mainstream ad networks have found themselves victim to various AdBlock “filter lists.

Fall Victim No More!

Sure, AdBlock can serve a purpose: No one likes 20 ads per page, some being rather invasive… but that is not the case for all webmasters. There are plenty of good natured webmasters still out there, providing a valuable service for their visitors.

These AdBlocker addons are targeting all sites and profoundly affecting site owners who rely on advertising revenue to stay afloat. As AdBlock usage continues to grow at a record pace, you can bet that means lower revenue profits all-around in the years to come if webmasters don’t step up their game!

Driving traffic to your website can only go so far, if half your visitors aren’t seeing your ads!

Let’s crunch some numbers

With over 200 million downloads of some of the most popular AdBlock add ons available, that number is sure to rise, as the average web user becomes more tech savvy.
With the expansion of online ads in recent years, Internet ad revenues have soared to historic highs. Revenues reached $20.1 billion in 2013, according to the IAB’s (Internet Advertising Bureau) Revenue Report.

What would YOUR profits be, if you did everything you could to minimize the detrimental effects of AdBlockers?

Proactive Advertising: Advertise smarter, not more aggressively.

If you would like to avoid getting blocked by AdBlock, here are some basic guidelines to follow:

  1. Host your own banner ads and name the file names something unique
  2. Change file names routinely
  3. Avoid using highly filtered keywords, such as: “banners,” “ads,” “advertisements,” “static,” “sponsors,” in file names and directories

Whether it’s a .JPG, .GIF, or a Flash based campaign, you can typically host any of these advertisements on your own website. Not seeing the banner size you’re looking for? Simply drop us a line and we’ll get it done for you!

Slip through the net

In some cases, an entire URL will be filtered and Adblock won’t allow you to click it.

Fear not! Here’s a simple two-step process to getting around this:

1 – Create a New File

When you create a new file, you are creating a new inbound link. In some severe cases of a sponsor’s entire URL being blocked, one alternative option is to create a new file name in your directory (e.g., /newfile.html), and place a simple HTML meta element in the header.

2 – Redirect it

Have your newfile.html redirect to one of CrakRevenue’s offers directly!Choose the offer of your choice, and then redirect to your CrakRevenue direct link code like this:

That’s It!

You are now on your way to making more money again.

In summary, instead of linking to your overly filtered “” — you will now simply hyperlink your uniquely_named_banner.gif (without using the word banner!) and have it link to newfile.html (which, should then redirect to the affiliate link code of your choice!)

All of this should do the trick!

Still having problems with ad-blocking ? Share your experience in the comments and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

  • Outstanding

    • fiap

      Crak power! great article, been doing the redirect for some time now, but was for SEO purposes. The renaming the banner file name is something i ve never really think about, Merci!

  • Vrocks

    I have been having great results doing this for the past year. From some time in 2007 I used openx (and whatever they used to call it). In the past 3 years the amount of ads being shown had really dropped off. Now I am back to getting massive views, click throughs (because I create my own ads) and conversions. No more standard banner sizes. No more “ads” directories, subdomains, etc… Everything is random characters now.

  • Preggo Jane

    Own hosted banner and url shortener for affiliate link is good solution?

  • zaiger

    Thanks guys, this is perfect!

  • Vrocks

    The cookie is laid down by the affiliate program when a surfer clicks the link and goes to the ensuing page on the affiliate site. Using a URL shortener wouldn’t disrupt this from happening. The only change might be that you won’t see your URL as the referrer. But you can use stats inside the shortener to keep track and you can often make the shortened URL whatever you want if it isn’t already in use. So for a post from rhinosbabes posted on 3-19-14… and now you know where the sale came from.

  • clubglamour

    I rotate my banners with revive / openx, is there a way to make sure adblock doesn’t block those banners?



    thanks for the great and simple-to-follow guide – will try these steps out now!

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