Adult Friendly Web Hosting Options in 2019

Adult Friendly Web Hosting Options in 2019


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May 29, 2019



Long before the cloud and definitely way before Tumblr ever allowed (and then later disallowed) adult content—finding a web host that was “actually OK” with adult / pornographic content once proved harder than it is today.

Remember way back? When so many of us were once in search of that perfect adult host in the early 2000s for the very first time, but soon just as many of us quickly found out that rarely did such a host exist—and when it did, there were always limitations

Sure, that might not be the case anymore in today’s 2019, but still… no one can argue the fact that there’s still a hell of a lot more competitive adult-friendly hosting solutions available now to the aspiring webmaster than ever before.

Easily accessible adult hosting … to all that need it.

And in our eyes, that’s a wonderful thing.

So without further ado, here are some great adult friendly web hosts we think you should know about—in no particular order.

1. StableHost ($1.75/month)

Let’s kick things off by talking about the widely affordable host that is StableHost.

At the time of this post, a starter StableHost web hosting package can have all your adult campaigns (and content) up and running for just $1.75 per month, currently 50% off their normally listed ($3.50/month) price for this entry level package.

Which, we have to say.. Is just perfect for most people just starting out - and even better for intermediates!

2. Web750 ($7.50/month)

Web750’s mission is to deliver a flexible and fully optimized adult hosting platform for every individual or company’s adult web hosting needs, reads the company’s site.

All of their plans can be tailored and configured to meet all of your wishes and requirements.   

What's particularly notable about Web750 is their background, though: they understand the industry they serve. They're adult veterans themselves, impressively mixing and blending the best technology hosting has to offer today—and with plans that can handle the most demanding bandwidth consumption.    

Cloud-powered shared hosting... dedicated servers… and 100% uptime guarantees?  

What's not to love? They even accept Bitcoin as payment!

3. TMDHosting ($2.95/month)

TMD Hosting is another solid because it’s fully managed (and really, really affordable) adult hosting.  

The servers they use are all SSD based for the fastest page load times for all your adult content demands. Additionally, TMDHosting supports 1-click WordPress and 300+ apps as well as offering up a sitebuilder.

Can’t go wrong heading down this avenue for the price!

4. HawkHost ($5.75/month)

Then there’s HawkHost.

Founded in 2004, this company offers high quality web hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting, all at an affordable price (and they’re OK with adult content!).

HawkHost’s cheapest plan is their reseller package Bronze plan which starts at $5.20/month, but the slightly higher price point comes with excellent:

  • cPanel / WHM Access
  • 15GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 50 cPanel Accounts and FREE Unlimited SSL Certificates (YEAAA!)

All in all, for reselling needs, this is a great contender.

5. HostGator ($2.75/month)

Why people like it:  HostGator is great for general adult friendly coverage at around $2.75 per month.

This pricing would be for their basic standard plan, which comes fully loaded with one free SSL certificate (we love that) and unmetered bandwidth (how can you go wrong?)

Protip:  SSL certificates are extremely beneficial and important to have when it comes to adult sites for greater user trust.

And best of all, HostGator's $2.75 plan lets you manage your WordPress easily with easy-peasy 1-Click WordPress Installation!

6. MojoHost ($10/month)

Ah yes, MojoHost!

This list wouldn’t be complete without it!

MojoHost provides cutting edge managed hosting with even better top notch support (should you need it).

And should you ever require their amazing support, their support team can be reached at any time - day or night - through the phone or through MojoHost’s site

With thousands of satisfied clients, MojoHost offers greater flexibility because their managed servers are provisioned without CPanel, DirectAdmin and other such management portal applications.  More on this here.

7. Web Host Pro ($2.99/month)

With Web Host Pro's most popular starter package, webmasters can build and manage an adult site, WordPress blog or eCommerce site with the company's $2.99 entry level monthly hosting plan.

And since they deal with many adult webmasters, they're masters at mastering your privacy. Privacy is always a top priority and you can really feel it working with these guys.

But best of all, Web Host Pro's standout perk is their FREE SitePad easy site builder feature.

This includes plenty of professional templates for you to choose from so you can get your adult site up and running almost immediately, thanks to an abundance of drag-and-drop design stuff for the less savvy!

All in all, another solid contender to serve as your main adult web host.

8. ViceTemple ($6/month)

Vicetemple aims to service all aspects of the adult industry. Of course, that includes adult web hosting.

As such, they offer a wide assortment of plans, from shared hosting to VPSs (virtual private servers) and dedicated servers. Their pricing is just as varied, starting at $6 and gradually increasing from there.

All of Vicetemple’s servers offer unlimited traffic, a dedicated IP, a free control panel, full data privacy, and 99% uptime. They offer multiple server locations, and you can easily upgrade your plan whenever you wish.

Finally, the company prides itself on delivering top-tier customer support. A great choice, all around.

In a world of choices, your business needs an Adult friendly host. And these are them.

Which adult supportive web host you choose to go with in 2019 will depend entirely on your monthly budget and general web hosting needs. Will you go the WordPress route?  Do you absolutely need Cpanel?

What other server requirements do you require to be able to adequately run the site you want to run? These are all the questions you should start with and go from there.

We hope this list serves as an excellent starting point! Let us know your favorite host!

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