5 Things your Competitors Love About You

5 Things your Competitors Love About You
5 Things Your Competitors Love About You - CrakRevenue Blog


Written by

Papa Whale


July 10, 2013



5 Things Your Competitors Love About You - CrakRevenue Blog

We’re not going to name names, but we’re going to spill the beans on the secret desires of your competitors.

You know this is a very ruthless business, with millions of websites and webmasters trying to make some cash. They love it when you stop competing! If you want to stay ahead, avoid surrendering your efforts to time-suckers because 100% of the time they are also wasting your money. Find out what they love about you, quit it, and keep them in your rear-view window.

1- You’re obsessive

Competitors love it when you spend your time trolling on forums and social media. You spend all of your efforts being negative and trying to undermine what other webmasters, CPA, providers do. While you’re wasting your energy at that, your competitor has a clear path to develop campaigns, and develop business.

2- You’re stubborn

Competitors love it when you do everything yourself. You create your own banners without testing them, you don’t look at the best websites to see what’s good and what’s bad cause you think you got it all figured out. You could be attracting more traffic, but you aren’t and your adversaries thank you for it.

3- You’re awfully proud

Competitors love it when you’re too proud to ask for help. That way you won’t contact your affiliate manager to ask about tours, banners, best offers for traffic sources, etc. The affiliate manager, then has more time to dedicate to everyone else and they can benefit from lots of pertinent advice and improve their campaign. Competitors also love it when you ignore good advice from available resources and tell everyone off instead of asking good questions and getting helpful answers.

4- You’re distracted

Competitors love it when you just aimlessly stick a banner on your page and leave it for 6 months. You don’t do any testing and you don’t try different banners to see which one works better. Moreover, you don’t use the tools put at your disposal by skilled marketers and designers. So their sites have an edge by being more current, surfing on the latest banner trends. That way they can win over many more visitors and leave you out in the cold.

5- You’re impatient

Competitors love it when you sit in front of your computer mashing that poor F5 key all day, waiting to see each lead that comes in. While you’re doing that, they can work on their campaigns, learn more about the business, develop their websites, chat with their affiliate manager, then have good time going out to spend all that extra money they made while you were looking the other way.

Try to stay away from these nasty traits that put a smile on your adversary’s face. It’s easy to be sucked into a bad mood that spirals out of control into a big waste of time, but those who resist this come out on top.

Stay focused. Follow your plan.

They’ll hate you for it, but then again, no one likes to eat your dust.

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