5 Reasons You’re Not Reaching Your Minimum Payout

5 Reasons You’re Not Reaching Your Minimum Payout

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


April 24, 2019


Affiliate Marketing

Getting frazzled because you just can’t reach that minimum payout? You’re not alone. Thousands of affiliate marketers over the age of 18 are affected by Minimum-Payout Syndrome every single day.

Luckily for you, there’s a logical explanation for everything.

So let’s get to the bottom of why this is happening and let's explore how we can make reaching that minimum payout (and receiving that check) a more likely probability!

#1 -  You Don’t Have Enough Traffic

Sadly, whether we like it or not, one’s affiliate earnings are still dependent upon good ol’ fashioned other people — what we call traffic.  

And as painstakingly obvious as it may be, if you’re not receiving enough traffic to your site or campaign, generating conversions — much less reaching your minimum payout — is going to be a constant battle. Especially generating enough conversions to push you past that payment threshold!

But if traffic generation isn't your life’s calling, no sweat, that’s why the Affiliate Gods out there invented Traffic Networks. Problem solved! Easy peasy. Now go buy some fresh traffic if this is what you need!  

#2 - You Don’t Have the Right Traffic

Not every offer you push is going to result in sales with every traffic source.

A not-so-right traffic source can cause a domino effect…

Few to no conversions => A serious lack of earnings  => Guaranteed trouble meeting that Minimum Payout

If you're trying to convert a traffic source that’s, let’s say, a premier site for the MILF fans of the world -- a site dedicated to the moms, grandmas, and the mature beauties of the universe -- do you think featuring an advertisement depicting 18-year-old teens is going to convert well on there?  

Probably not.

No, it’s probably going to be a disaster!

Because we know the people that are on that MILF site are there for one reason and one reason only…

These folks enjoy MILF content, plain and simple. They like older women.

If they wanted videos or pictures of baby faced teens, they’d be on some other site. Therefore, KNOW the offer you’re promoting and know your demographics!

#3 - You’re All Over the Place

Hey, we get it. You like to diversify.  

Maybe hyper-promoting a ton of different offers at once, or working with multiple networks starting out sounded like a good idea at the time, but the truth is, if you’re struggling to hit your payment threshold, it’s time to refocus your efforts.

Focus on the quality of your campaigns, not quantity.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong working with multiple networks at once (or promoting multiple offers at the same network), but let your results dictate the path you continue on.

#4 - You’re Jumping the Gun

We're referring to your campaigns here.  

Yeah, those campaigns that you just started running—that maybe you feel aren’t getting enough traction after 1 minute, 1 hour, or 1 day

If you’re seeing 23 uniques to an offer but no leads, don't halt your campaign, don't contact support or your Affiliate Manager—give it time. Time is our friend.

Basically what we’re saying is, don’t act too hastily when just beginning to send traffic to something.

As they say in the stock market, "it's only a loss if you sell.” (meaning, those who panic and sell when a stock’s down, they’re guaranteed to lose money. But investors who wait it out, even though the stock’s not doing well, they haven’t technically lost anything yet.  And plus, the stock can still go back up.)

Prematurely pulling those links is one way to guarantee that that campaign will be a failed one, when it very well could have been a successful one (if you had just given it enough time!).

So once you set up that campaign — go do something else. Don't sit there refreshing the page every 10 seconds. Check back later and you might just be pleased by what you see!

#5 - Your Ads Are Getting Blocked by Adblock and You’re Not Doing Anything About It

With millions of people using AdBlockers on a daily basis -- you’re severely limiting yourself if you do nothing about it.

Think of it as 30% less people (give or take some estimates) seeing your Ads.  That’s a crazy number of people you’re losing out on for potential sales/conversions.

Fortunately for you, we’ve become well versed in ad blocking.

Therefore, if you ever witness a drop of performance in your campaigns, the first thing you should do is to update your affiliate links or creatives. Indeed, you might be running your campaigns with outdated links that are currently being blocked.

Sure, you might think that changing all of your links is a real bummer…

But no, it’s well worth the effort and does work.

Nevertheless, if occasional link update are really something that bothers you, we have a solution for you: promote some of our other tools such as Iframes or our Live Cam Widget which automatically sends your traffic to the latest link codes and most popular cam girls.

Pretty nice, right?

Are the habits you have today on par with the dreams you have for tomorrow?

All in all, the wide-reaching effects of Minimum-Payout Syndrome can lead to frustration, financial difficulties (due to all those lack of moniez...), and in extreme cases, loss of confidence in your marketing abilities — which, if you ask us — may be the side effect that's most crippling and detrimental to your online marketing future.

But don't panic if you're having difficulty reaching your minimum payout, because we’ve all been there. Just don’t give up so easily next time, if you ever find yourself there.

If you look things over long enough, there’s usually a reason for everything, and we hope some of them covered today can help you figure out why you’ve been struggling -- and can help you reverse that course.

Best of luck to all!

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