Adult Consumers: 23 Facts to Generate More Conversions

Adult Consumers: 23 Facts to Generate More Conversions

Affiliate Marketing

Written by

Papa Whale


June 8, 2016


Affiliate Marketing

Text Version:

Visual Support

  • Increases Sales by 58%
  • 92% of consumers agree: a site's design influences buyer behavior de most
  • 1 out of 2 consumers trust a product more once they've seen it in a video

The Psychology of Discounts

  • Promo Codes increase Customer Satisfaction by 41%
  • 57% won't buy unless they feel they're getting a reduced price
  • 70% like to receive promotions through mobile texts


  • 85% of consumers will look for online reviews before making a purchase
  • 79% of consumers base their decision on user reviews
  • 67% of consumers read at least 6 comments before buying

Social Media

  • The color blue generates 24% more Likes
  • Images featuring one color receive 40% more Likes than multi-colored images


  • Pictures of women taken indoors get 60% more attention
  • Shots of men outdoors receive 18% more attention
  • Full body shots attract 203% more attention


  • 80% of consumers are more likely to trust sites with well-known financial institution logos
  • Offering various payment options leads to 40% more trust


  • 82 minutes is the average time Americans spend on their smartphones daily
  • 75% of Americans bring their phone to the bathroom
  • 89% of smartphone time is spent using mobile app

What NOT to do:

Loading Time

  • 40% of users will leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load: 80% won't return


  • 40% of users are against receiving Newsletters and won't create an account for this reason


  • 59% of people will abandon the transaction if their favorite payment method isn't offered


  • 40% of visitors will leave a site for a competitor's after a bad mobile experience

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