It’s Efficient with every affiliate promotion method!

Our in-house team of media buyers as well as a few handpicked affiliates have been testing and optimizing the Jerkmate funnel since its release in January 2019. From all the tests we’ve conducted, the particularity of the Jerkmate is that it has generated impressive volume of leads, whatever the promotion method used.

Everything seems to work in Jerkmate’s favor. However, pre-roll advertising has proven to generate more conversions than the others. Join CrakRevenue’s network and ask your affiliate manager for access!


The whole Jerkmate user process is extremely streamlined and intuitive; our in-house stats have been going through the roof with this brand! We’ve worked tirelessly to launch Jerkmate, but the long wait has been well worth it. We’re proud to be opening this lead generating magnet exclusively to CrakRevenue affiliates. Give it a try, we’re confident you won’t regret it.

- Arnaud Guilon - Business Development Manager of Cams

This is why you should send your traffic to Jerkmate

In only a quarter, Jerkmate has reached the close group of CrakRevenue’s top 3 converting offers… and it’s only the beginning! We plan to keep working on Jerkmate to help our affiliates increase their conversion rates and make even more revenue with this promising adult cam brand.  In a nutshell, here’s why you should join our network and ask to promote Jerkmate:

  • Conversion rate up to 10%

  • t’s a real lead generator

  • Conversions with every promotion method

  • Pre-rolls available

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • $5M+ in sales in the first quarter of 2019