VR – The new & promising trend in the Adult Industry

VR – The new & promising trend in the Adult Industry

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


November 2, 2016


Affiliate Marketing


Virtual Reality and the Internet … are a match made in heaven.

When you combine Virtual Reality with popular adult entertainment — such as Live Cams & Chat — these beloved adult mediums begin providing a whole new experience and interaction becomes heightened to unprecedented levels.

And that’s when it hits you—we’re not far off from that futuristic world we all once thought the 2000s would represent.

That virtual reality sex scene from 1993’s Demolition Man?— we’re essentially there!

That being said, Virtual Reality, and the experience that comes with it, is opening up a whole new market for the Adult Industry as a whole.

Today, our focus is on the rising trend of VR in relation to adult entertainment, the exciting forecast that’s in sight, and the huge marketing opportunities that come with it in the not so distant future!

Virtual Reality Goes With Adult Entertainment Like Peas and Carrots

When Facebook announced it had bought Oculus VR in 2014, Mark Zuckerberg of course forgot to mention just how the acquisition would shape the adult market specifically, in more blatant terms.

We’re sure it just slipped his mind!

But if you read between the lines of Zuckerberg’s full statement, one can actually infer and draw their own conclusions on just how far their vision goes, with remarks like, “Oculus's technology opens up the possibility of completely new kinds of experiences.”

Wink, wink, nod nod...

Indeed—despite the fact that Facebook isn’t the most adult-friendly—the founder of Oculus confirmed that the company does not restrict the use of its device for any kind of software content, which thereby implies its acceptance of adult content and - therefore - Virtual Reality Porn!

Consequently, more than a dozen new successful ‘VR Porn’ production studios were born over the past 2 years.

This rise in VR content has even led to the creation of a Virtual Reality porn channel on PornHub, in March of 2016.

Meanwhile, the use of virtual reality devices has grown and become the new craze in the Cam world thanks to the absolutely amazing, heightened, and enhanced user-experience that comes with using these VR headsets.

With that in mind, it's not in the least surprising that searches for “VR Porn” and the like are boomin’ — and that these virtual reality-related keywords and search terms are quickly becoming highly sought after, and highly searched — worldwide.

Take a look at this Google Trend chart:

Who is the average VR Porn User?

Last Spring, VirtualPorn360 — a successful VR Porn production company — released a detailed infographic on the typical VR Porn user highlighting these main takeaways.

The average user of VR is:

  • Mostly Male: Only 22% of the users are women.
  • Pretty Young: 54% of the users are between 18 to 34 years old.
  • Mostly American: Even if VR is very popular in the UK, Spain and France as well.
  • Using a common device -- Google Cardboard -- with 75% using this device to watch VR Porn.

It’s also estimated that more than 150,000 people watch VR porn everyday!

This number may seem small compared to the millions of people who watch porn on a daily basis, but the true value of a virtual reality porn-lover is vastly more interesting for a professional web marketer. Here’s why...

Assessing the Value of a Virtual Reality porn user

According to VRPornAffiliate.com, “VR Porn is rocking in 2016. There are currently 30 million VR cardboard viewers already in use with regular smartphones, 1 million GearVR devices, and some 500,000 of OculusRift, Oculus DK2, HTC Vive and others. Virtual reality porn sales are growing and they are going to bust this year.”

According to Piper Jaffray, an Investment Bank, virtual reality adult content is expected to be a BILLION dollar business by year 2025; it’s believed that adult content will make up the third-biggest sector in the VR department, right after video games (a $1.4 billion business) and NFL-related content (coming in at $1.23 billion).

For affiliates, this means that betting on VR-porn users could be a smart and savvy move.

Indeed, converting users that are either already equipped with VR devices or are familiar with it seems to be easier than converting the typical adult user in a market where virtual reality is becoming increasingly more popular.

What kind of VR offers does CrakRevenue offer?

CrakRevenue 2.0 beta users can jump on the Virtual Reality bandwagon by promoting VR-related offers such as Reality Lovers - a state-of-the art VR-porn offer.

In fact, Reality Lovers was recently named & awarded Most Innovative Product of 2016 at the most recent Venus Awards in Berlin.

Here’s what they have to say about their involvement in the VR business:

“As pioneers in the virtual reality movement, we see ourselves as ambassadors for the technology and our own branded entertainment packages,” explained owner or Reality Lovers, Rene Pour.

“Getting quality gear out to more fans, interacting with real consumers and spreading the word about how much more immersive virtual reality is ready to become makes great sense for our own company and for the entire industry we are proud to be part of as well. We see our efforts helping our affiliates, content partners, traffic partners and everyone else in adult eventually as well. That’s a huge part of why we are working so hard to make it all happen,” added Pour.

At $37.75 PPS — it’s a surefire way to convert the virtual reality aficionados!

What’s the future of VR Porn?

For now, most production studios have focused their efforts on 3D sex scenes from 180° to 360° viewpoints. However, everyone agrees that virtual reality is the future in relation to adult and the possibilities are endless when it comes to taking this experience to whole new levels.

Thanks to the Internet of things (for example, “smart devices” such as connected Fleshlights or vibrators...) and 3D sensors that can scan your body and project it in the scene, VR Porn is about to revolutionize adult industry.

Now would be a great time to load up on “VR Porn” targeted domains and focus on ways to drive traffic to this ever-growing niche.  Don’t miss out!


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