Smoking Hot – My Free Cams Straight-to-Model Linking

Smoking Hot – My Free Cams Straight-to-Model Linking
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Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


October 9, 2013


Affiliate Marketing

My Free Cams

We just came up with a sizzling new feature that will allow you to create more accurately targeted campaigns: straight-to-model linking. It’s the new and improved way of sending your traffic to MFC. It gives you the ability to create a link that will take your visitors directly to a particular model on My Free Cams.

Every successful online marketer out there will tell you that the more targeted your campaigns are, the more likely you are to make sales. Basically, you want to give your visitor exactly what (or who) he's looking for, so you get the most out of your traffic.

And when it comes to live cams, it means that you want him to land directly on the feed of the model that matches his expectations.

MFC has over 1000 gorgeous live models at pretty much any time. With straight-to-model linking, you make the user skip the “browsing” stage and make him go directly to the “enjoying” part. You do the work, he does the spending. It’s a great way to boost your conversion rate… and your bank account.

Now let’s look at how it’s done. It’s as easy as adding a name to a link...

B.Y.O.L. (Build Your Own Link)

All right, here's what you need to do:

        1. Visit, find the model you’re looking for and and click on the thumb.
        2. Once you’re on the model’s room, look at the url in your browser. Grab the #modelname part at the end of the url
        3. Get your MFC link code in the adtools section of CrakRevenue
        4. Simply add the #modelname part at the end of your link code. (example:


In addition:

♦ If you have a tracker in your link code, just add #modelname at the end. (example: )

♦ Straight-to-model linking works with banners, popunders, and floating ads.

♦ You can change models whenever you want. Just change the model name and your done.

Please take note that:

♦ The straight-to-model link sends to MFC's homepage and then immediately redirects to the model's room. There's a delay of about 1 second in between.

♦ Some models can block access to certain countries. Visitors from these countries won’t be able to view the model.

♦ If the model is offline, the visitor will still be sent to the model's room. He will be able to view the model's profile as well as other models who are online. Of course some models are online more often then other. It's up to you to pick the right model for your campaign and to build your campaign accordingly.

♦ Straight-to-model linking doesn't work with Free Cams Exposed.

Get it Going

Now you’re ready to build your targeted marketing campaign.

We would also like to point out that the idea came to us after a few of our affiliates asked us if it was possible to do straight-to-model linking with MFC. That’s why we’re always more than happy to receive feedback from you. You help us be the best.

These Are Bumpy Times

And speaking of My Free Cams, stay posted, we got something very profitable coming up next week!

Looks like we're going to have a nice bumpy ride...


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