How to Make Money Online with MyFreeCams

How to Make Money Online with MyFreeCams

Affiliate Marketing

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February 27, 2019


Affiliate Marketing

CrakRevenue and MyFreeCams have had a special relationship for a long time now. Since we're the only CPA network allowing affiliates to promote this incredible live adult cam site, it's our responsibility to ensure you're well positioned to make even more money online when you push this offer—and why wouldn’t you now that it’s available to all affiliates without approval!

MyFreeCams is indeed one of the most powerful brands to ever grace the adult industry. Each day, millions and millions converge to this top brand. What started more than 15 years ago evolved to become one of the most well-known and respected sites in the biz. You don’t become one of the largest cam communities out there without a solid product though, hence why we’ve developed some amazing tools to help you achieve even more conversions.

With such a pedigree, you can 100% expect an income from this money making giant!

Here are the main strategies you can adopt to promote MyFreeCams, whether you’re a professional marketer or just someone seeking extra income with the best cam offer of all time.

Earn extra online income with MyFreeCams—for beginners

If you’re looking to bolster your own coffers or simply don’t have enough time to dedicate hours upon hours into your affiliate marketing business, fear not: you can still be part of the MyFreeCams affiliate program & earn a sweet $1.50 (up to $5 based on quality) per double opt-in! This is your ticket to immediate cash flow.

Here’s what we recommend:

Build a website around Cams

There are plenty of choices and websites types to choose from: review sites, blogs, news feeds, forums, white labels, etc.

  1. Brainstorm content ideas and plan the structure of your website accordingly
  2. Choose & buy the right domain name
  3. Select your hosting solution
  4. Develop your website (we recommend Wordpress if you are new to the business)

Here’s a really useful guide for beginners on how to create a website from scratch.

Bring traffic to your website

A website without traffic is worthless, so you need to build an audience as fast as you can.

Traffic can be broken down by the following types:

  • Organic: users find your website on search engines by typing a relevant keyword
  • Paid: users click on a link or ad leading to your website from some type of paid campaign
  • Referral (backlinks): users click on a link from another website that leads to yours
  • Mailing: links inside an email leading to your website
  • Social: links from social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) leading to your website

Social media as a traffic source is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to successfully grow your numbers. Take Instagram with a “sexy girl” account for instance, or even some relevant adult forums. Yes, forums, even in 2019 they’re still great for niche content

Never forget to create value for those who actually subscribe/follow/click on your social media accounts!

Whatever your traffic building strategy, make sure you have patience along the way. Always wait until you have a steady traffic source before taking the plunge into traffic monetization.

Use MyFreeCams Top Converting Ad Tools

Once you have enough traffic (and only then!), you can start to monetize your site.

As far as creatives are concerned, you have a lot of wiggle room and choices to choose from ranging from pop-ups, pop-unders and display ads. However—and we’re speaking from experience here—if you have access to any member zone (Dating or VOD) areas, MyFreeCams campaigns perform exceptionally well in these spots.

Member zones have proven to generate the most conversions for affiliates!

To knock it out of the park using MyFreeCams, be sure to use our top performing landing page called “FCE video stylish.”

MyFreeCams Live Cam Widget

One clever way to take advantage of MyFreeCams is to use our all-in-one Live Cam Widget solution. It’ll help you generate more revenue online while streamlining your efforts, especially if you don’t want to mess with coding.

To get started, simply log into CrakRevenue’s affiliate portal with your credentials (or click here if you’re not part of the family yet) and click on the MFC option from the menu.

myfreecams guide 1
It’s easy and simple to get started with the MyFreeCams widget

The next step is configuring the widget to your liking by first choosing its name. You will be able to choose between 8 template types and decide whether you wish to promote MFC Revshare (20%) or MyFreeCams’ DOI / PPL program. Don’t be afraid to run multiple tests and see which configuration works best with your site. As a webmaster, you’ll also be able to place your widget in different spots to see which one works best for you.

myfreecams guide 2
Overview of the different templates available with the MyFreeCams widget

Once you have your first set of affiliate commissions from the MyFreeCams affiliate program, you can either keep going, or consider scaling up to become a professional web marketer (see next section).

Live out of MyFreeCams online promotion - Professional Web Marketers

Access high payouts up to $5 DOI and 20% RevShare with top quality traffic.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the best promotion methods if you have a large volume of adult traffic at your disposal.

Once you got money in the bank (cue Lil Scrappy) and a reputable name, it'll be a little easier to continue envisioning your future - that of a successful affiliate and trusted partner of MyFreeCams. This means quite a few things, but first and foremost, it means you should not be wasting any time in establishing your own brand with lots of backlinks and only the highest quality in traffic.

Such traffic can be from:

  • Specialized forums you own
  • Review or blogging type of sites in the cam vertical
  • A great site with tons of organic and qualified traffic

Double opt-in (DOI) gold can go up to $5 USD, but that’s never awarded on a whim. It’s a good idea to prove yourself with the regular DOI payout and only then consider scaling up only after you’ve sharpened your teeth a little bit.

Exceptions to that rule do happen, but they’re usually called exceptions for a reason.

Of course, the more qualified traffic you have, the more likely you are to go for the 20% revshare payout which has proven to generate affiliates more revenue in the long run.

He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom.

Examples of successful affiliates using the gold tier and RevShare payout include niche and cam review sites with an already established base. The key here is to have quality organic traffic in spades.

That being said, here’s some great examples of what you can do according to your traffic source. Of course, these are only examples and other well-thought out funnels would work just fine, so let these serve as guidelines.

Make waves with the MyFreeCams affiliate program by using our…

  • Live Cam Widget for cam-focused (specialized) sites. Top converting live models only displayed directly to your audience. You can choose between different payout types.
  • Banners best used in conjunction with cam-focused (specialized) sites, again. Use our custom iframe with the top camgirl of the moment (direct to room).

Contextual ads for a native approach. Direct to model linking is great for this. One example is a Cam Girl Review site with direct links for each covered performer. Affiliates can use our brand new CamSuperStar featuring Nelly Spicy prelander which will serve as a way to better qualify traffic, warm’em up to the offer and ultimately unlock better payout options.

Your turn

Now that you have all the required info to get to a smashing start with the MyFreeCams affiliate program, the ball’s in your court. From beginner to advanced affiliates, this offer has something for everyone.

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