Complete Optimization Using Sub IDs

Complete Optimization Using Sub IDs
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Affiliate Marketing

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February 15, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

Having a good overview of your sales is one thing, but optimizing your traffic to its fullest potential using trackers is a whole different story.

Most CPA networks already offer a breakdown of your general stats according to GEO, Program, Tour, and so on…

So — what’s the point in adding more data to an already-filled stats table that already struggles to fill every pixel of your monitor?

Well, only a premium affiliate who truly understands the role a tracker can play, is one who will succeed in profit increase, where all others have failed.

However, for efficiency’s sake, your trackers must be relevant AND organized.

Today, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your affiliate tracking links using Sub IDs in CrakRevenue 2.0.

What are Affiliate Sub IDs?

The easiest way to think of a Sub ID is as a tracker or campaign label for one’s campaign.

Sub IDs are values that provide and pass information along.

They provide you the marketer the luxury of detail when it comes to analyzing data relating to all your clicks, leads and sales.

For affiliates using 3rd party/independent tracking software, Sub IDs allow conversions to be properly tracked & passed back to affiliate pixels/postbacks.

In CrakRevenue 2.0, you can add up to 5 separate Sub IDs per campaign

A/B Testing is the best friend of Monetization

You have an awesome eye-catching ad, but is it converting? Does the same banner perform better in a different spot, or in a different size?

AB testing is key to traffic monetization – and guess what? You can’t A/B test without trackers aka Sub IDs.

Example: You can’t fully optimize your traffic until you know which one of your creatives delivers the best results per specific traffic source ㅡwhere your visitors are coming from — and from which spot.

With tracking and AB testing, pattern recognition is made possible – and a good pattern is something that can be reproduced… so that you can make even MORE money…

Create Your Own Stats

It all comes down to this one simple idea: Sub IDs are just ONE MORE “Data Option” you have to fall back on & assess!

They’re designed to generate relevant stats specific to YOUR traffic and YOUR promotion methods. Recognize that no two situations are the same – EVER!

Find out information that was tailor-made for you and your stats, information about your traffic that cannot be found in the “general stats” area by default.

This all depends on whether you’re willing to go the extra mile or not…

For instance, when you compare the conversion-potential of your sources, spots, and/or creatives, this allows you to assign each of these elements a value. You can then employ a strategy or concentrate your efforts in order to increase this value.


Once you choose the offer you’d like to promote, on each CR 2.0 Offer page you’ll find your unique tracking link for that respective offer.

Directly below this is the Link Customization area.

This is where you have the option to add up to 5 separate Sub IDs for this campaign.

And don’t forget to add source to your tracking links!

We’ve seen some affiliates skimpin’ on the Sub IDs — AND INSTEAD — using the source value field as one’s sole way of creating a “tracker / campaign label.”

Everyone has their own quirks and is free to customize their links to his or her preferred way — but the source value is meant to be used in addition to the Sub ID field.

For example: Say you planned on using Twitter for a campaign…

Under the Link Customization section, one might designate the source while also adding a unique Sub ID just like this:

  • Source: Twitter
  • Sub ID: FirstPost

It makes for easier Performance Report data filtering!

Be Consistent

For your stats to be relevant and accurate, aim for consistency.

Be consistent with your labels.

The smallest inconsistency can have profound effects on the usefulness of your Sub ID and may minimize its benefits.

Example: using lowercase letters when you should be using capital letters.

(e.g., there’s a difference between “US” and “us” – Which one do you mean? This can create confusion depending on the system you’re using to analyze them.)

Stick with a tracker “formula,” per se.

Approach all your labels in a systematic way that will become the norm.

Mixing it up and using different variations without consistency will lead to certain madness when it comes time to deciphering and analyzing your stats.

Essential campaign info in a nutshell

The success of your online sales hinges on you being in the “know” and having the ability to conceptualize the inner-happenings of your campaigns.

Remember, taking advantage of Sub IDs are a prerequisite to a campaign’s success.

There’s no such thing as too much information when it comes time to analyzing data to ensure we’re making the most money possible with our trackers and labels.

Sub IDs are our friends and they’re designed to make our lives a whole lot easier if you just allow them to!

Let’s USE ‘EM!

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