Cam Insights – An Interview with Arnaud Guilon

Cam Insights – An Interview with Arnaud Guilon

Affiliate Marketing

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Papa Whale


April 13, 2016


Affiliate Marketing


When people ask what Arnaud Guilon does for a living, it always makes for an interesting conversation.

Arnaud Guilon comes from an impressive background, having worked for both Microsoft and Apple.

Now a Product Manager for CrakRevenue, Arnaud is responsible for all Cam Products and Cam deals at Crak.

When it comes to affiliate marketing in the adult industry, there are an abundance of verticals and products to set one's sights on.

At CrakRevenue, we are fully aware that each of these verticals have distinctive needs and they all can’t be addressed the same way.

That's why we have what we call "Product Managers"—experienced, web marketing professionals who understand the needs of products & offers in each respective vertical—individuals who coordinate each product's evolution from start to finish.

With the Cams vertical in mind, we hired a skilled French marketer (who of course turned out to be Arnaud Guilon).  

Thanks to Arnaud’s business instincts & natural leadership, this young talent managed to increase CrakRevenue's sales volume on some of our biggest products while also playing a role in some of our most innovative and successful Cam campaigns.

We interviewed Arnaud about the state of the Adult Webcam Industry and here's what this talented young lad had to say about this always-hot vertical…


What is your role at CrakRevenue?

I'm in charge of all CrakRevenue Cam products.  Anything relating to the Adult Cams vertical, I'm essentially the middleman between the provider and the marketer: I negotiate the best payouts with our providers and I work with a team to ensure that only the best funnels are being created so our affiliates can generate the maximum number of conversions..


Why should an affiliate promote Cams?

The Adult Webcam industry continues to be a success story. This industry and vertical alone sees tremendous upside year, after year, after year.

Affiliates who’ve jumped on the Cams bandwagon are seeing more free signups and more actual spenders than ever before.

Internet connection speeds all around the globe are just downright faster; people can view cam shows practically anywhere, thanks to mobile devices. It’s a very promising market to get involved with.

Best of all, users of the Cam niche don’t seem to be growing tired of the live interaction component; in fact, it’s a demographic that seems to live for this type of entertainment.

Indeed, the Cams vertical has been known to offer some pretty terrific Return on Investment (ROI) and long term value -- unparalleled to other forms of adult affiliate marketing.

Of course, these trends don't necessarily mean Cam products sell themselves: an affiliate still needs quality, targeted-adult traffic to really get the most out of this vertical. But once it’s achieved -- Adult Cams can be one of the most rewarding markets in the long run


So, what are the best recommended ways to promote Cam Products… and why?

The numbers don’t lie: some of the best ways to generate conversions with Cams is through Popunders, Instant Messaging Ads (IM ads), and through something clearly listed and straightforward like a navbar menu tab on one’s site.  

It might sound obvious, but really, if you're attracting traffic with an interest in live adult entertainment -- you really can't go wrong by promoting the Cams vertical in the aforementioned manner. 

I stress pops and IM ads for sure!

And if you have a website of your own, whether it’s a Tube or Blog, having a section on the menu that says "Live Cams" really can deliver -- so don’t leave that spot bare!


Do you have any tips for the Cam Girls out there?

It's no secret: The most successful cam girls are the ones with the busiest rooms, the most viewers, and of course, the ones bringing in the most tokens. I know that I’m laboring the point here but what cam girls & cam boys need to understand from that is that branding really is everything.

Besides fun, engaging personalities -- marketing yourself efficiently and creating a personal brand helps get you one step closer to being a successful Cammer.

Many people think good looks is the #1 thing to top earning. It’s not. It all comes down to putting on a good show, being personable, talking to everyone in the room, tippers and non-tippers alike.

Once you’ve managed that, you need to brand yourself on as many channels and platforms as possible to grow your fanbase.

And while doing that, nothing prevents you from becoming an affiliate with let’s say, CrakRevenue -- so you can promote your own shows. This way, you get money from your shows and from our CPA network as well: it’s actually win-win and one of the best ways to grow your earnings.

It allows you as the model and performer to get a much bigger piece of the pie.


Based on what you've seen at CrakRevenue, which areas of the world respond best to the Cam niche?

We see the most sales coming from North America - especially the US - with Europe being a dominating market as well.

However, when it comes to people actually spending money -- we've seen a huge increase in spendings in South American countries.  Much of this can surely be attributed to the growing number of promising and talented South American cam girls.

Cam popularity is totally related to the presence of local talents because the live experience is enhanced when you interact with someone who understands your culture and your language.

This - again - may seem obvious to most, but by not taking this into account is definitely a mistake we continue to see people make in 2016.


In terms of SEO, are there any particular keywords you'd recommend when it comes to efficiently targeting the Cam niche?

Adult Webcam News came out with an excellent article on the “Top 10” search keywords for adult webcam advertising recently.

Although depending on the Cam product you're promoting -- and depending on the extent of the visitor's "Girl next door" fantasy -- you might want to bet on more geo-targeted combinations.


“ sex webcams Louisiana “


“ live webcams Liverpool “

...Depending on the product you’re promoting and the origin/location of the cam girl with the most followers.


Are Cams + Social Media a good mix?

If you’re talking about promoting adult content or your affiliate link directly on social media, you might run into trouble - especially on the largest social sites…

However, social media accounts are actually one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create and grow a fanbase with respect to Cam girls—thanks to the art of branding, that thing I talked about earlier.

The biggest cam stars have hundreds of thousands of followers on their Twitter and Instagram accounts - with the most popular network being Twitter, by far.

Performers can not only promote their latest content and offerings -- but they use these social platforms to announce their next live performances / shows.  This is a wonderful way to gain exposure and establish a schedule!


In your opinion, what is the future of Cams?

Well, I would say that we're seeing more and more interactive-connected devices.

Take, for example, bluetooth enabled vibrators -- that vibrate for the cam girl when the cam audience is tipping. I think we’ll see more and more of this type of creativity and interaction to come out.

Many are even exploring the adult possibilities of Virtual Reality.  

Big brands are constantly working on the development of this so it’s definitely something that could benefit the Camming industry in the near future.

Everybody in this industry will have no choice but to adapt to the newest and latest trends, and that includes performers, product providers, and affiliate marketers!


And that concludes our interview with you, Arnaud!

Thank you for taking the time. We can't wait to see what comes next for Cams!

You’re welcome!

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