A Crash Course Guide to Pay-Per-Lead PPL

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When it comes to pay-per-lead (PPL) campaigns, there's certain things marketers ought to know. Here’s your crash course guide to PPL promotion.

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CrakRevenue gives you access to exclusive deals and offers that are not available when going direct with sponsors, this you probably already know. Many of these sought-after programs are based on a Pay Per Lead model, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Unfortunately, too many affiliates fail in promoting such programs because they don’t fully understand how it works behind-the-scenes, or on the program administrator’s level.

If you want to make more money, you need to know the rules of the game.

That’s why today we’ll quickly go over the mechanics behind PPL offers and most importantly, how professional marketers succeed at promoting them.

Pay-Per-Lead in 60 seconds

In essence, a PPL program is a calculated risk exercise for a sponsor which, when correctly planned and executed, can prove to be a serious win-win arrangement for both parties, sponsor and affiliates.

For the affiliates: they get paid for each lead, which allows them to cash their earnings quickly. No need to wait for conversions or rebills. It’s paid upfront in full trust that leads will convert according to a predetermined ratio. WIN.

For the sponsor: if a cost per acquisition target has been properly set, the leads convert at the expected ratio and, unlike revshare, future rebill revenues are kept as a bonus for the risk assumed by fronting the money in the first place. WIN.

Everybody wins.

But unfortunately, It’s not that easy. As we said earlier, successfully promoting PPL programs requires an understanding of the delicate balance on which “the Deal” relies.

One of the common misconceptions about PPL offers is that it is the easiest and most lucrative way of making money with online advertising these days, since you can send just about any type of traffic and get paid for your leads.


#1 – Sponsors pay for free leads, but expect conversions in return.

Obvious?  To some, yes.

But you’d be amazed at how many people don’t realize this fundamental key concept, or understand how  “the Deal” works.

Here, let’s break it down…

Our sponsors pay us so we can pay you for your free leads, but after a while, after a certain number of leads generated, they’re going to expect conversions behind-the-scenes.  

If you’re an intermediate, advanced, or even pro marketer – we know you guys already know this.

But for those not familiar with affiliate marketing, CPA, or even those just starting out — this information becomes crucially important.

And what do we mean when we say conversions?

Well, since most of CrakRevenue’s PPL offers relate to Cams — a good example of a conversion in this niche would be a member of a free cam site upgrading to premium membership by purchasing tokens or credits so they’re able to tip a model.

In fact, this is such an important factor in the game, it can’t afford to be forgotten. This is also the main reason why an affiliate might see their PPL offers deactivated.

Now let’s see how to avoid this unpleasant situation and how you can use our advice to get a higher payout!

#2 – Testing your traffic sources is the smart thing to do.

BEFORE sending this traffic to PPL offers.

Know what your visitors and traffic is worth.

But if you’re not sure…

#3 – You can ask yourself…

Would I send this traffic on revshare?

If the answer is no, it’s not good enough for PPL either. People will choose PPL over revshare to have their bankroll grow faster and investment recovered on the shorter term. For the long-term, revshare is often more profitable if you’re ready to allow for months, if not years to see its profit at full potential with rebill revenues.

#4 – You can track your results with your Affiliate Adviser.

Show them that you’re involved and interested in succeeding, and that you wish to improve your sales.  Affiliate Advisers are the best people to help and give you helpful advice.

#5 – You can mix your traffic sources to balance your ratios

With the help of your Affiliate Adviser, try balancing your different traffic sources to achieve a good volume/quantity ratio to maximize your leads and maintain a good CPA.

If you’re then able to keep things going smoothly in the right direction…

#6 – You can deal yourself a higher payout!

Go ahead and ask! We want you to make more money!

By following the previous tips, you’ve let your Affiliate Adviser know that you’re looking forward to a serious and successful, long-term business relationship with us.

That should earn you a bump!

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