TRAFFIC FILTERING for your needs

When you become CrakRevenue's business partner, you can add your Offers to our platform and set as many traffic & filtering restrictions as you want.

  • Conversions
    Is CPA your preferred pay model? Choose the kind of conversion you want to get: per lead, per sale or per spending.
  • Targeting
    Seeking traffic only from country X, Y, or Z? Tell us what countries & devices you're targeting and we'll accommodate all your campaign targeting goals.
  • Promotional methods
    You set the tone. If certain promotional methods do not work for you (e.g., email marketing vs social media marketing), just let us know!
  • Capping
    You have a specific budget or seek a precise amount of new leads? No issues here, set a cap and we’ll respect it.
  • Reporting
    Create customizable reports that can be sent directly to your mailbox & keep an eye on your investment in real-time.


Our in-house Affiliate Management team screens every affiliate in our network. We filter all applicants to ensure that the traffic you’ll be receiving boosts your sales. Once you've set the terms and conditions for your respective offer (such as accepted or forbidden promotional methods), we make sure you get what you want & have everything you need to succeed!

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Setting restrictions like desired country targeting, niche, budget or lead capping is more than doable at CrakRevenue. Our affiliate network offers a wide variety of filtering options such as pre-approved promotional methods, keyword, niche, geographic and mobile carrier targeting to ensure the traffic's quality meets all standards.



We are using the industry's most well-respected fraud-detection services on the market, which allows us to scan all leads & conversions generated to ensure you're only paying for real customers. We’ve also put an effective in-house fraud-prevention team in place to monitor traffic before it gets to you.

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