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It’s rare to find Affiliate Managers who actually understand what you’re doing & what you need. The best managers tend to be the ones who can give you very specific recommendations based on your situation. They also should be able to provide clear data & recommendations on what’s currently working.

— DEADZ, CrakRevenue Super Affiliate & Media Buying Expert

When working with a network, I only ask for a few things: a solid point of contact, a good selection of solid offers, an easy-to-set-up platform with accurate tracking, timely payouts and open communication when it comes to the quality of leads I send. That’s pretty much about it, and CrakRevenue has all this nailed down already.

— Matuloo, CrakRevenue Super Affiliate & STM Senior Moderator

4.8 out of 5

5 out of 5

4.8 out of 5

4.7 out of 5

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  • Access to 400+ Offers

    Access to 400+ Offers

    There's something for everyone. Our Dating, Cam, Health and Gaming verticals include multiple award-winning affiliate programs.

  • Dedicated Affiliate Managers

    Dedicated Affiliate Managers

    Our team of skilled Account Managers is here to provide you with personally customized ad tools and top-performing offers best suited for your various geographics & traffic. Get quick answers with our new dedicated support chat.

  • Exclusive Products

    Exclusive Products

    We have built long-lasting partnerships with dozens of advertisers & partners over the years who have chosen to work exclusively with us.

  • Mobile & Geo Smartlinks

    Mobile & Geo Smartlinks

    Our Media Buy team updates links daily to send all traffic to the most geo-relevant offers, providing the highest potential to convert.

  • High Payouts

    High Payouts

    Whether it's a bigger Revshare %, PPS or PPL, we always provide the highest possible payout no matter the offer.

  • Fast & Accurate Reporting

    Fast & Accurate Reporting

    Our modern, innovative platform allows you to view your stats more intuitively, in real-time, with pre-generated reports & custom reporting.

  • High-CTR Ad Tools

    High-CTR Ad Tools

    Every creative, banner & lander we develop is thoroughly tested across a network of millions. If it doesn’t perform & the CTR isn't high—it doesn't get released!

  • Extra Earning Opportunities

    Extra Earning Opportunities

    Every offer we run is preset with optional extra earning opportunities (BackOffers & Popunders) so that money is left on the table.

  • Rewarding Referral Program

    Rewarding Referral Program

    Refer affiliates to CrakRevenue using your referral link and get a guaranteed 5% cut on all of their earnings!

  • Payment terms

    Payment terms

    Weekly, Bi-Monthly