Guest Blogging at CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue opens its doors to guest blogging only to its dearest business partners.

Whether you are an affiliate yourself or someone with an expertise to share, we are more than happy to send you quality traffic in exchange of your time.

Guest posts are a very effective way of generating great backlinks, giving your website additional relevancy with search engines. More importantly, it ultimately translates into more sales with targeted traffic. It’s a win-win situation!

So, how can you contribute to CrakRevenue? Read on for all the details…


  • Your text must be original and published exclusively on our blog
  • Your text should be at least 1000 words, though we might accept a lower word count depending on the style used, so it’s not exact science
  • Submit new content, i.e. that hasn’t already been covered. Do a search on to see what we’ve posted about in the past. We could accept a new twist on an old idea as long as you choose different keywords
  • Your content must be well-written (in English) and provide readers with value
  • Your content should match the overall blog’s tone. If your text reads like a press release from the government, that’s wrong. We aim for a mix of tongue-in-cheek humor with a pedagogic approach so readers are entertained with helpful content
  • No more than 2 links to your website in the post

What you get for guest blogging on CrakRevenue

  • A maximum of 2 quality backlinks (dofollow)
  • Boosted brand awareness and exposure
  • Targeted traffic
  • The possibility to grow your personal network by connecting with other professionals within the online marketing industry

How can I submit my content to CrakRevenue?

Got writing skills? Excellent!

All you have to do is send an email to with the following info:

  • Your content attached as a PDF (.pdf) file
  • Any images you wish to use (with attribution) as separate attachments (zip preferred)

How will I know if my content has been accepted?

We will respond to all guest blogging requests as soon as possible. This process could take several days depending on the volume of requests.

When will you publish my guest post?

If your text matches our content strategy and has been accepted, it will be published according to our editorial calendar. Rest assured we will do everything in our power to keep you informed about this.

Other notes

CrakRevenue reserves the right to edit and update your blog post for SEO or accuracy purposes. Likewise, we could add links to our own content and offers as we see fit.

Please know that deceitful and offensive content will be rejected outright. The same is true for submissions of no additional value to readers, for instance keyword stuffing.