Time’s Almost Up for Your July Ranking!

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With July right around the corner, things are heating up outside and at CrakRevenue. Secure your spot at the top of Crak's next Affiliate Ranking. Here's how!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to come out on top? Solidify yourself as one of the greats! Because this is the final sprint before our July ranking!

Best your previous April ranking by talking with an A.M., hitting up our Support team, browsing our blog and visiting our Knowledge Base. On July 1, 2017, you will discover whether you’ve been ranked as an Active, VIP, or ELITE CLUB affiliate.

Remember, at CrakRevenue, our best affiliates deserve recognition. Here’s what you can get in terms of some fairly sweet perks:

Active Affiliate

Access to our help desk, as well as hundreds of top-converting offers.

VIP Affiliate

CrakRevenue affiliates who send a whole bunch of traffic are likely to be considered a VIP, eligible for exclusive promotions, exclusive offers, and exclusive account management.

You get all this when you’re in the top 200.

Being a VIP affiliate even makes you eligible for an Annual (3 day) Payout Bump that you can reap any day of the year, on top of, of course, other great perks!


Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, where only the strongest survive, you will receive a one-month Referral Earnings Bump of 20%, in addition to all the other same great perks VIP and Active affiliates get.

On top of this, take home a 10 day Annual Payout Bump whenever your elite little heart desires. And don’t you forget about that super special Christmas Gift that you’ll also be taking home — well, technically getting delivered — around the holidays!

July is almost here, this is the final sprint! Give us your best traffic blitz and keep your eye on the top spots!


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