The Most Wonderful Challenge of the Year

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At CrakRevenue, December is the most profitable time for our affiliates. Take up our December Challenge and celebrate all the way to the bank with wonderful bonuses!

Climb up your way across 10 levels to earn up to $7,500 in cash bonus!
You have from December 1st to 31st to complete the challenge.

New affiliates are also welcome to register. 💰
Now is the perfect time to start working with the world’s most trusted & respected CPA network!

The rule is simple: beat your November result, and we’ll boost your December earnings.
New affiliates: consider your November result = $0! 🤑

The more significant the increase, the bigger the bonus! 👇


Increase amount = Bonus

Level 1: > $500 = +$50
Level 2: > $750 = +$75
Level 3: > $1,000 = +$100
Level 4: > $2,000 = +$200
Level 5: > $5,000 = +$500
Level 6: > $7,500 = +$750
Level 7: > $10,000 = +$1,500
Level 8: > $15,000 = +$2,250
Level 9: > $25,000 = +$3,750
Level 10: > $50,000 = +$7,500

Are you ready to take up our December Challenge?

Log in or sign up to register your participation!

Terms and Conditions

1. Bonuses will be determined and based upon the affiliate’s $500+ increase in commissions from the aforementioned reference period (Nov 1 – Nov 30, 2021) and the designated challenge period (Dec 1 – Dec 31, 2021) in CrakRevenue.

2. Bonuses are predefined by each commission increase level and are NOT cumulative.

3. Affiliates who qualify to receive this bonus will see their December cash bonus directly credited to their CrakRevenue account in January 2022.

4. Participation in this challenge is granted to affiliates & other networks at CrakRevenue’s sole discretion and can be revoked at any time, and without any prior notice.

5. Affiliate networks are NOT eligible to participate in the December Challenge.

6. Ad networks are NOT eligible to participate in the December Challenge.

7. Switching traffic from one account to another for the sole purpose of generating an increase will NOT be tolerated for the December Challenge.

8. Affiliates found sending traffic generated from spam, content locking and other deceitful tactics will see their account banned immediately.

9. The payment of commissions is done at CrakRevenue’s sole discretion, in compliance with CrakRevenue’s T.o.S. and can be canceled at any time, and without any prior notice.

10. Participation in the December Challenge cannot be combined with any other type of promotion available in CrakRevenue.

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