Smartlinks, Anyone?

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Start making more money without breaking a sweat with CrakRevenue Smartlinks! It’s set & forget! You send the traffic to one link & we take care of the rest!

As you may have noticed, we’ve just released a brand new feature on our platform— Smartlinks.

CrakRevenue Smartlinks are the perfect Set & Forget tools for any Webmaster & Affiliate.

Not sure which offer is best for your traffic? The CR Smartlinks are your best ally!

They’re SUPER profitable & EASIER than EVER to set up…

So, what are CrakRevenue Smartlinks?

Smartlinks sends your traffic to CrakRevenue’s top-converting offers based on user device, user location and your chosen vertical.

CR Smartlinks helps you get more conversions by generating links to only creatives & landers that have proven to have the highest CTR head and shoulders above the rest!

These brand new convenient Smartlinks are available in the following verticals

  • Dating
  • VOD
  • Cam
  • Adult Gaming 
  • Gay (all verticals)
  • Adult (a combination of the best affiliate offers from all verticals)

In fact, every CrakRevenue Smartlink that is generated gets optimized by our skilled in-house affiliate management team on a daily basis.

Just choose the vertical you wish to promote!

Simply select your desired type of link for your traffic type (Adult, Cam, Dating, VOD…?), add a SubID/tracker, COPY it, and begin sending traffic.

That’s it—we take care of the rest.

Once you start generating traffic to your CR Smartlink, the traffic is assessed by our system.

CrakRevenue Smartlinks were designed with one aim in mind: to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER & to help you MAKE MORE MONEY in a SMARTER way.

Instead of throwing traffic at some random offer you may know nothing about — let our Smartlinks help you out!

Honestly, what are you waiting for?!  

Get started today!


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