This Little Tweak Made for 400% More In Conversions

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By removing one feature on 2Fuck’s new tour, we improved our conversion rates by 400%. Sometimes, the simple solutions are the most effective ones.



Great name, right? Efficient, straight-to-the point, and you know from the get-go what you’re getting yourself into…

2Fuck’s new optimized tour follows all the same rules that’s always made it a success. Except now, it’s a little more simplified … and believe it or not … one simple change is paying off big time.

Just how much are we talkin’, you ask? Well, this one change has caused our new tour to outperform our original Default tour by generating a whopping 400% more conversions than its original default tour counterpart.

Such great results… with one subtle tweak. What we did was we removed one step from the overall signup form process. Now, users don’t have to create a pseudo — they just have to enter their email. That’s it!

And you know what that means … one less step for them means you’re one step closer to more leads … and a fatter wallet.

Don’t lose your traffic!

We also added a great new feature to this tour: co-registration. This allows users who may have already registered with another previous offer the chance to be automatically redirected to a brand spankin’ new one. This goes a long way at appeasing your visitors, and ultimately, making it less likely at losing new prospective leads.

This new-and-improved better converting Dating offer starts at $104 PPS. Don’t miss out!

And of course, we’d be silly not to mention it at least once more: remember, we’re talking about 400% more conversions seen with our new Optimized tour compared to our existing Default tour counterpart.
So choose wisely, folks!


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