Renew Your Imlive Tour, Revive Your Conversions

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We released a new landing page and tour for cam offer ImLive! See why this new tour is better than ever!

At CrakRevenue, we are always in motion. Movement is life. Without it, you rot and become irrelevant. And who wants that? No one! Not you, not them — and certainly not everyone’s favorite CPA network.

That’s why we’re always constantly striving to improve our offers and everything that goes with it. From design, down to each landing page component and tour.

But we want to make sure that you’re keeping up with our latest tour roll outs and upgrades, too. Because when we propose a new tour, we’ve already made sure that your wallet stands to benefit from it.

For example, we recently completed work on this NEW Live Profile tour for ImLive, one great cam offering. And the results have been staggering!

This new Live Profile tour implementation has had the BEST results YET in contrast to all our other ImLive landers…

We’ve even found it’s bringing in two times the conversions than our last default tour. Not too shabby, eh?

So, if you were already sending traffic to ImLive via another tour, we definitely recommend you don’t delay in making sure you give this new tour a try — because you never know — it just might double your conversion rate!

One notable mention…

With the new tour, your visitor will enter a continued flow, where every step of the way, he will see the same girl that continues to entice as he takes each step to ‘unlock her nudes’ until finally, he is prompted with quick easy free registration and can enter her room.

No deception. More conversions.

Starting at $130 PPS, ImLive is a smart choice and is now better than ever.

Ready to try this new tour?


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