Dating Site JALF is More Than Just Dating!

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Real people deserve an real site dedicated to real fantasies. Introducing, a Dating site that opens up a world of possibilities for your users.

Call us chauvinistic, we can’t help but feel a lil giddy inside when we think about our new Dating offer that hits close to home…

Straight from our Quebec hometown, we proudly present to you!

With more than 2,000,000 subscribers, is a real dating community of real people.

BDSM, bondage, domination, exhibitionism and fetishism… there’s a little something for everyone here, whether your users are male or female, straight or gay. is the perfect place for your users to play with fantasy – and live their ultimate ones out. And if one of your main fantasies is makin’ money … you found a great new offer to begin pushing.

Attracting more than 4000 users every week, has already proven its prowess at generating cold hard conversions.

Open to your Quebec, French, and Belgian traffic… this new offer is exclusive to our platform.

Starting at $2.37 DOI, might be the key to additional revenue stability.

Want in on this?


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