Ready to Find Out If You’ve Topped Your Last Affiliate Rank?

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It’s RANK DAY! Affiliates of CrakRevenue have been notified of their July affiliate ranking positions. How did you fair? Check your email to find out which perks you may be eligible for!

It’s official! This July Affiliate Ranking results have officially been compiled!

Chompin’ at the bit to see whether or not you’ve beaten your previous Affiliate Rank for the month of April?

Today’s the day! … It’s Rank Day!

We’ve sent you an email announcing your CrakRevenue affiliate rank / current position for the month of July. So don’t delay, go check it now (because you know you want to). And let us know what you think about your placement.

Are you happy with your position? Or do you think you could’ve done better?

Remember, if you aren’t satisfied with your ranking, our Support team and our dedicated Account Management team are there for you and want to help you succeed and help you reach your goals.

Once more, here’s a reminder of all the great perks you can get as an Active, VIP or Elite affiliate:

Active Affiliate

Access to our help desk, as well as hundreds of top-converting offers.

VIP Affiliate

CrakRevenue affiliates who send a whole bunch of traffic are likely to be considered a VIP, eligible for exclusive promotions, exclusive offers, and exclusive account management.

You get all this when you’re in the top 200.

Being a VIP affiliate also makes you eligible for an Annual (3 day) Payout Bump that you can reap any day of the year, on top of, of course, other great perks!


You’ll receive a one-month Referral Earnings Bump of 20%, in addition to all the other same great perks VIP and Active affiliates get.

You also get a 10 day Annual Payout Bump to take whenever you want. And don’t you forget about that super special Christmas Gift!

Wanna know which perks you can reap? Don’t forget to check your email!


If for some reason our emails aren’t getting delivered, keep in mind you’ll be missing out on important information relating to your July affiliate ranking and information relating to new exclusive offers.

Here’s what you can do to ensure you’re receiving our emails!
Whitelist and prioritize all emails from “”

Here’s how to do it…

Open the last email we sent via (make sure to whitelist THIS email address).

Follow the easy-to-follow Whitelisting steps to make sure nothing slips through the cracks of your email provider here:

Good luck everyone!

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