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Here’s an up close & personal look at what it’s like—and what it means—to be a "Crak Agent" on the CrakRevenue Team.

Last month, in August of 2017, we began recruiting Crak Agents around the world.

This month, our new recruits are ready for biz and they’ve already begun making waves in their respective territories.

If you remember hearing our call for would-be interested applicants to apply but just simply didn’t act or didn’t get the position this time around, not too worry, because you know what they say — there’s always next time.

That said, we received a fair amount of inquiries on what exactly is entailed when one becomes a “Crak Agent.”

So, without further ado, here’s an up close and personal look at what it’s like—and what it means—to be a Crak Agent on the CrakRevenue Team.

Let’s start with a beautiful number: 20% of commissions

While the openings of the new Crak Agent positions may just be beginning, those who have already completed the necessary paperwork and have been chosen for the Crak Agent role in their respective region are just beginning to get comfortable, find their groove, and get down to business.

These devoted pros have already begun referring new affiliates and using their industry-wide and networking connections to find … how can we put it … awesome leads.

Which has already helped grow their revenues exponentially! But then again, receiving a 20% ROI-based commission on every Referral Crak Agents bring on board does tend to help with this.

Official Promo Video: A Closer Look

Become a Crak Agent! from CrakRevenue on Vimeo.

Little seeds grow strong

Being a Crak Agent is not all fun and games. It also comes with some serious responsibilities. Essentially, Crak Agents are expected to act and serve as Account Managers for their own pool of recruited affiliates.

In addition to this, individuals who become Crak Agents must actively sell our portfolio of more than 1000 offers. Although this is not anywhere near a stretch.

Mathieu Robichaud, CrakRevenue’s lead liaison for the Crak Agent program, has provided us with some key insight regarding this highly-coveted new program — and the daily routine of that of his Agents:

“On a typical day, Crak Agents will ask me to validate [approve] all affiliates they’ve referred to me. Usually, their applications are reviewed rather efficiently and quickly, especially when it’s myself and one of the Agents working together,” says Robichaud.

These end-result affiliates often come from different circles … a friend of a friend, or even a meeting during a conference or forum. On any occasion … all occasions to network are full of opportunities.

Looking for tips, future potential Crak Agents?

Great reflexes are the best qualities and characteristics Crak Agents can have, says some members of the Crak team. It’s essential they know that the most important question they must ask their affiliates is: what are your promotional methods? And on and so forth from there.

This helps build a great rapport among the two. A team-like bond begins to form and they begin working together in a manner that manages not only to be efficient for them, but downright harmonious for one another.

This way there’s no time loss and the selection of offers gets easier – because when you don’t know the methods of promotion firsthand – because, well – it’s like shooting a pistol in the dark.

Harmonious teamwork

With the Crak Agent’s exclusive, privileged access to CrakRevenue’s vast portfolio of offers, the Agent will have the opportunity to—as well as be expected to—to help their Referred Affiliates on a daily basis & assist them with monthly revenue generation.

Agents will also be known as the general gatekeeper of all Affiliates they recruit; this will include the general task of answering and addressing all Referred Affiliates’ questions and support needs, whether it be about Stats, Performance Reports, or the like.

“It’s non-stop, continuous coordination and teamwork between the Crak Agent in his or her respective territory – and myself, the direct contact and resource liaison at CrakRevenue,” explains Robichaud.

We believe that some of the best qualities that a Crak Agent can possess is resourcefulness and autonomy. As the face of CrakRevenue in his or her region, Crak Agents may be asked to represent the CPA Network and be the official spokespeople of the network’s affiliate program at any of the industry’s many frequent tradeshows or major events.

And best of all, since so many Crak Agents are working remotely from such a vastly different number of timezones, Agents of CrakRevenue will be able to cover more hours of support in these other zones, at last!

Do you want in on this game full of green?

Do you have a truckload of contacts and experience in the world of affiliate marketing?

Do you have what it takes to be a Crak Agent??

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