Wanna Climb the Stairs of Affiliate Marketing? Don’t Miss Our CEO’s Keynote!

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Nicolas Chrétien, founder & CEO of CrakRevenue, will share his knowledge and expertise at this year’s The European Summit in Prague. Learn how Nick went from affiliate to CEO!

We have a good story for you! It’s about 25 Japanese girls and a phone cabin…

This was the viral video content that put our CEO, Nicolas Chrétien and his & partners, on the map in 2004!

Now, more than 10 years later, CrakRevenue is now the largest, longest-running, most reputable and one of the most trusted CPA networks in the industry.

With a network of more than 25,000 affiliates that is responsible for generating more than 50 billion impressions each month, CrakRevenue has blown up big since its humble beginnings.

And Nicolas Chrétien, one of the biggest Whales in the industry, wants to share his expertise with others so you, too, can profit from it.

Save the date!

On September 15th, Nick will be a keynote speaker in Prague. Crak’s founder and CEO will teach you how he went from affiliate to CEO in a matter of years. And how you as well can become the next big fish in the pond.

If you plan on attending this event, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime to learn more about the history and origins of CrakRevenue — one of the fastest growing companies in adult as well as mainstream marketing. You’ll gain firsthand knowledge, wisdom and expertise from someone who has been redefining the boundaries of the industry for more than a decade.

This keynote will take place during Europe’s leading Networking Conference & Expo, The European Summit, which runs September 14 – 17, 2017.

This event will be filled with great learning opportunities. If you want to be in the know and up to date with all the latest industry news and trends, TES is the place to be!

Plus… it’s free for affiliates!

Don’t miss this fantastic networking opportunity! Let know in the comments if you’ll be attending!

Hope to see you in Prague!


  • প্রতীক রহমান

    Prague The Country Of Public Agents <3 . I wish i can go 🙁 But No way . It's Costs A Lot. @CEO Are You Able To Sponsor me? Think Twice Before Say NO. You Need To Meet With A Master Mind Like Me. 😀 😀

  • PavelSlajs

    One of the most inspirational keynotes I’ve ever heard, If there wasn’t this guy, you would be scr*wed with all your affiliate programs and you would maybe sold bananas by some local road!

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