Did Well With Slut Roulette? Now Imagine a Conversion Rate… on Steroids!

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Slut Roulette has always been one of top-earning, most beloved Cam offers. But we just made it even better. We quadrupled our average conversion rate! Take a look at what we changed!

Slut Roulette, our all-time most profitable Cam offer, has just undergone a bit of a transformation. We’re stoked to tell you that we’ll be adding a brand new tour… and it’s pretty amazing.

This tour is called the Updated Live Feed tour and it can be found in the Slut Roulette offer page under: Choosing Landing Page > Manual Selection

Believe it or not, this new tour converts shockingly high; it’s 4x more times likely to generate a conversion for you vs. the original Slut Rulloute tour. And yep, you heard right… Four times MORE!

  • In the original Slut Roulette landing page, we had a conversion rate for 1 out of 40 people on our old version.
  • This number has now grown from 1 out of 11 thanks to our new ad tools & new version.

What we added:

What we changed

  • A redesigned logo
  • A form-over with Google Sign In, to ease subscriptions

You can also choose your niche by adding ‘’&cat=’’ plus your niche at the end of your link to target according to your traffic taste.

All of this in a mobile friendly environment… Try it out! We bet you’ll be REALLY pleased with the results

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