On the heels of our first Media Buying post… let’s take a broader look at search and social ad space that can be yours for the taking! Ready for round 2?

Climbing your way to the top positions and spots of the major search engines today can be an extremely demanding and oftentimes grueling task.

Searching for the perfect keywords, building your reputation and ensuring that all your content is SEO-friendly is a full time, time intensive, physically challenging job with lots of overtime involved.

But as many of you know, while you continue to build and focus on your SEO efforts, you can accelerate this dream of yours of appearing at the top of results by pulling out your wallet and spending some cold, hard cash.

With Google, Bing, Yandex (for Russian traffic) and Baidu’s (Chinese traffic) ad network advertising options, you can almost guarantee a spot at the top of results for some particular keywords. But before choosing which search engine you should choose for your campaign, let’s check out the two best fighters…

The Undisputed Champion: Google

Of course the most well-known and the one with the most daily searchers, Google seems to be the best way to go if you want your campaign to have a shot at driving the most traffic.

With Google—as with Bing—choosing your keyword is, well, key.

The more popular and sought after it is, the more you’ll pay.

For example, if you have an awesome new Dating site or offer you wanted to promote, sure, you could always go big and shoot for the stars by targeting “best dating site” if money’s no object to you — but if it is, you can go the more targeted and specific approach with something like “best lesbian dating site chicago” if you’re on a budget.

Sure, the former may very well be more searched and lead to greater exposure, but you’ll have to ask yourself whether it’s worth the price while competing with the big guys monopolizing this spot.

With Google and their AdWords service, you have the added opportunity and luxury of potentially appearing on a vast number of sites — since millions of Webmasters all over the world incorporate Google Adsense onto their sites. And in the mainstream PPC online advertising market, no one comes close to Google’s market share.

But here, targeting which kind of website you wish to appear on is crucial. Especially when it comes to adult content. Google has an unquestionably stricter set of rules than Bing concerning adult ads.

The Contender: Bing

While it may not have the astonishing reach of Google (not by a long shot), Bing certainly still has its perks.

Especially for adult-oriented Webmasters and Advertisers.

For one, Bing is waaaay more lax than Google concerning adult content.

Second, Bing users have been known to have some characteristics that offer appeal to adult advertisers:

So, let’s not underestimate this humble player in search! Bing’s market share might be smaller, but it’s definitely growing and has its advantages.

Shout your way to a Social audience!

Think of Social Shoutouts as Media Buying 2.0. It ensures you a top-spot on a popular account for a limited time.

Often more cost effective than your typical ad network campaign and more highly targeted, social shoutouts could be your way to the top. Even if it’s time-consuming and competitive, this kind of marketing promotional strategy could pay off BIG if done right.

Get Shoutouts

The best and cheapest way to go (and the one we recommend) is to work directly with the owner of the page you’ve previously selected by verifying the following criteria:

  • Number of followers
  • Number of likes per post
  • Account description

Also be sure to prioritize accounts that will be clicked and associated with your niche. That means no Dating or Hookup related offers on a page devoted to cute kittens and puppies.

The owner of the social page will also inform you about his or her restrictions, if any. If you want to play at their table, you gotta follow their rules.

The biggest accounts will usually have a promotional option on their page. Message the owner and decide on a solution that will work best for both of you.

You can also buy shoutouts on sites such as Featurecore.com and Featurehub.com. Although, they tend to be more costly than dealing directly with the owner of a popular social page. But these two sites can certainly save you time!

A little warning when it comes to Social Shoutouts:
NEVER, EVER use your Featured post / Shoutout to promote an Adult offer directly! It takes a lot of work and time to build a following – and to see an account banned because of a mistake like this would be a real shame.

Make sure to build a good foundation for your social campaign before you launch it. We gave you some tips in the past on how to advertise on social media. You can find them here.

Social promotion is a game of endurance. Slow and steady wins the race.

Good luck!


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