Keep, Climb or Slip… Where Will You Rank This October?

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Where will you Rank this fall? CrakRevenue's official quarterly Ranking is almost here!

It’s that time of the year again — CrakRevenue’s quarterly Affiliate Ranking results!

This October, you’ll know where you stand. Will you be Active, VIP or ELITE CLUB status?!

Remember, each rank comes with its own perks, and we have something for everyone. But of course, the higher you rank, the more you stand to gain.

Let’s recap the benefits that come with each Rank!

Active affiliate

All you have to do is send us traffic. Affiliates who send traffic automatically get this rank and get access to our Help Desk and hundreds of top-converting offers!

Please refer to our official Affiliate Ranking table for more details…

VIP Affiliate

Golden perks like every VIP deserves!

When you become a VIP affiliate, you’re in the top 200.

Not only can you brag about it, but you can rest easy knowing you’re getting access to exclusive promotions, exclusive offers, and exclusive account management thanks to YOUR VERY OWN Account Manager!

With his or her knowledge, watch your profits reach new heights.

To make things even sweeter, you’ll also qualify for an Annual 3 Day Payout Bump as a CrakRevenue VIP that you can enact at the time of your choosing—whenever you want!

Please refer to our official Affiliate Ranking table for more details…


At the top of the pyramid, are the best of the best.

If you’re ELITE CLUB status — holy smokes — you’re in the top 50!

Not only does this outstanding position come with great prestige, but with some very serious advantages.

On top of everything VIP and Active affiliates get, you’ll receive a one-month Referral Earnings Bump of 20%, in addition to a longer Annual Payout Bump that can be used for as much as 10 days!

And let’s not forget about the great Christmas gift… yep, ELITE CLUB affs will also get a rather sweet holiday gift from Papa Whale & Co. in the mail!

Awesome perks for awesome affs.

Please refer to our official Affiliate Ranking table for more details…

Remember — there’s still time! So keep sending that traffic and climb that ladder of success this October!


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