Goodbye Mr. Hefner

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We take a moment to honor the memory of Hugh Hefner, creator of PlayBoy.

CrakRevenue is taking a moment to reflect on the impressive life of Hugh Hefner.  Mr. Hefner passed away today at the age of 91.

A pioneer

Hugh Hefner was a pioneer, revolutionizing the adult industry and the world of publishing since 1953. Without his trailblazing mindset, a lot of what exists today would not have probably seen the light, if not for his genius.

“He was an advocate for sexual freedom and a visionary. The industry lost a master today”, says Max Côté, product owner for CrakRevenue.

CrakRevenue actually started working with Playboy over the summer. We welcomed their phenomenal brand to our platform very warmly. That bunny stamp has permeated pop culture and has always been an indicator of great quality.

“We couldn’t be more honored to work with this great American brand and to earn their trust,” adds Jean-François Laverdière, product owner for CrakRevenue.

Farewell, Mr. Hefner. Your legacy remains. Wherever you are, we’re sure you’ll get the party started.

– The CrakRevenue Team

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