Get $20 PPS on Free Trials with the “Netflix of Porn” — Adult Rental!

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Adult Video video-on-demand giant, Adult Rental, is a global leader in premium porn pay-per-view streaming. Earn $20 PPS for every free 30 min trial!

When we rolled out with the news of Adult Rental’s introduction to CrakRevenue’s growing list of offers and spoke highly about it back in April, we recognized this moment for what it was — a special and exciting moment for us as a CPA network.

We’re always excited whenever we have news of a new exclusive partnership or offer we’re able to tell you about. And to be partnering with a service that offers its members access to more than 85,000 premium, HD streamable content is, let’s just say, another exciting factor on this CPA network’s offer-filled totem pole!

But this offer, exclusive to CrakRevenue, JUST GOT BETTER…

For a limited time, we can confirm that Adult Rental is offering $20 PPS on every free/30 min trial membership.

Adult Rental’s streaming service continues to be a big player in the Video-on-Demand (VOD) vertical.

A $20 PPS payout for those who try the service = $$$

So every time a user discovers Adult Rental and tries out their free subscription, you get paid $20. If you’re wondering how this is possible, it’s because once a user discovers Adult Rental, this user is not going away.

85% of all users who join Adult Rental renew month after month after month, according to the streaming service.

Numerous packages available

Adult Rental’s packages by the minute also makes this streaming site a popular choice. Users can pay for a variety of individual packages by the minute — from 25, 70, or even 220 minutes.

Their one-month (30 day) plan for $14.95 includes 2,500 minutes and is a great deal. This allows users 2,500 minutes of unlimited access to a vast library of content, with the option to stream any of that content to the device of their choosing.

Without a doubt, Adult Rental is the current leader in Adult Pay Per View and is flying right past the competition. And remember, CrakRevenue is the only network right now offering this offer.

So get it while it’s hot! $20 PPS on free trials make this a no brainer for promotion…

No pressure on the user only means more money for you!

Start Promoting Now!

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