Step up Your Game This October with a 10% Pay Bump on Our Smartlinks!

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This October, see why our Gaming smartlinks are all treats and no tricks. Hint: there’s a pay bump involved!

Got traffic and don’t know how to convert it? CrakRevenue’s Gaming Smartlinks are the solution you’ve been waiting for. If there’s one thing that so many users have in common, it’s that everyone likes to play every once in awhile.

The Gaming industry generated $100B in sales last year, with 2017 estimates coming in around $108B and 42% of those sales coming from mobile traffic.

That’s a pretty big pie — and you can have a piece of it!

For the entire month of October, we have some treats for you (and no tricks, we promise).

Receive 10% more revenue when you send traffic to our Gaming Smartlinks!

Whether your site is E for everyone or for adults only, we’re confident we have the Smartlink for you. New and improved, with a sweet promotional pay bump!

Over the months, we’ve added quite a few new offers to our Gaming vertical roster. We’ve added crazy enticing online games like Narcos XXX and Pussy Saga. And if you’re a mainstream traffic type of guy or gal, well, we’ve got online games in this department too just waiting for your promotion!

These links make everything easy

Crak’s Gaming-related Smartlinks come equipped with all the best top-converting offers integrated in one place. They really do make promoting games in this market easier than ever.

As Thierry Bouchard, Business Development Manager at CrakRevenue says, “Smartlinks are ‘the lazy man’s solution to promoting.’”

“Promoting individual Games can at times be a little bit more of a challenge than promoting, say, some other type of individual offer found in CR. Between app installs, KPIs, carrier restriction and soft vs hard KPIs, the level of factors and complexity can be daunting when you take everything into account. This is why I encourage the usage of Smartlinks — especially our Gaming ones. Everything really is continually optimized in-house and guaranteed to deliver the best results,” adds Bouchard.

Start Promoting Here!

** When it comes to our Gaming vertical, promoting really does become a whole new ball game (we know, we know … we just can’t resist those puns … forgive us). If you’d like advice on how to successfully promote, we prepared a guide to help you through it. Check it out here!

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