CrakRevenue’s Cash Bonus Challenge is Back

Published by Francis Webmaster

Starting on December 1st, CrakRevenue's December Challenge helps you put some extra money in your pocket. Beat your November 2020 earnings in December and increase your commissions.

Start at Level 1 and climb your way up to the highest level to earn up to $7,500 in cash bonus. Hurry up! You have until December 31st to complete the challenge. 

Increase amount = bonus
$1,000 = $100
$2,000 = $200
$5,000 = $500
$10,000 = $1,500
$15,000 = $2,250
$25,000 = $3,750
$50,000 = $7,500

Simple and effective! These levels are not cumulative, but they guarantee you extra revenue added straight to your January 2021 commissions.

If you’re a new affiliate, this promotion is for you too!

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