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How can custom surveys help you? Here’s a case study from one of our affiliates who’ve been using them to great effect.

Part of our job as a leading CPA network is to make sure affiliates are treated well. We do everything in our power to make sure you are successful.

Last summer, we launched Survey Machine, a tool designed to boost your income while collecting valuable data doing so.

The owner of wanted to go even further with custom surveys and we certainly weren’t going to let him down.

Per his own words, “After trying about 20 different solutions for our pop-unders, we were about to give up because we could never get anywhere close to $0.30/1K impressions. We tested everything we could, ranging from cams, dating, to paysites. That is when our Account Manager at CrakRevenue introduced us to the survey.”

“We weren’t hopeful at first. But we thought we might as well test one last thing. This proved to be a great decision. We had a custom survey made, to boost the confidence of our visitors — and we ended up achieving $3/1K impressions with these particular popunders. This was over a 1000% increase from our best program to date. Ever since, the survey has been a consistent earner for us!”

Here’s an exclusive look at what we were able to achieve together.

Why add a custom survey in the first place?

Lots of webmasters struggle to monetize all their spots — it’s just how things are.

This explains why it’s important to diversify. Custom surveys are proven to generate supplemental income for a number of reasons, chief among them the interactivity and engagement they provide. They’re amazing as pops and work pretty well as banners, too.

Another lesser known advantage of using custom surveys is their ability to unlock new advertising spots on your own website. For instance, you could place a banner ad at the top of your design, effectively inviting your traffic to take the survey — without putting into jeopardy your brand image since the survey already has your logo.

Truth be told, websites like ThePornList usually don’t bother with ads. Why, you might ask?

It’s simple: they drive traffic to their in-house reviews and get a commission if someone ends up paying for an offer.

In other words, money from custom surveys are what you could call a nice bonus or even untapped revenue streams — that’s it. Not something the webmasters need, but still a worthy investment. And by investment, we mean it’s completely free (it only requires your time)!

Real working examples of ThePornList surveys

We know what you’re thinking: what does it look like and how much can I expect to make?

Here’s an example of a custom branded survey we’ve created for ThePornList.

thepornlist custom survey example 1

The owner also tested our technology on another site called TheBestFetishSites. Here’s another example for you:

thebestfetishsites custom survey example

And finally another custom survey, this time for PornsitesList which — you guessed it — is from the same webmaster:

pornsiteslist custom survey example

What about the money?

ThePornList custom surveys generated a total of [redacted] USD.

You don’t really need to know. Let’s just keep it at several thousand dollars.

That accounts for a considerable part of the total revenue gained over a one year period for this webmaster only — a huge 36.94% increase from just using lists!

ThePornList surveys generated more than 3M clicks for a total of 323 conversions.

Custom surveys are more efficient

Did you know that our best earnings per click (EPC) with surveys comes from custom ones?

You shouldn’t be surprised by this fact. Just like with landing pages best practices, they’re good at keeping trust levels high. It’s all about creating a seamless experience for the users.

Look at it this way: if McDonald’s asked you to complete a survey so you could win a free coffee but said survey didn’t contain the fast-food giant’s branding anywhere in sight — would you trust it as much?

Sure, you can go ahead and use ThePornSurvey as is, but if you’re a webmaster or the owner of a brand, that’s a wasted opportunity.

As SemRush pointed out, establishing trust should be a priority for anyone doing business — online or not. Converting users isn’t easy, so you need to take steps in the right direction to see positive results.

Get your own unique survey with Survey Machine!

Enjoyed what you’ve just read? Great. Now take action and head on over to our official Survey Machine tool and start creating your very own custom survey today.

We even added the possibility of adding your own branding (logo) to our survey tours for maximum effectiveness. All you have to do is copy and paste a direct link to your image under Branding from the Basic Configuration tab.  

thepornlist survey machine

Please note that as of now, dynamic surveys are only available through ThePornSurvey offer. So if you need branding for this specific type of survey, ask your Affiliate Manager for all the details.

Already tried this tool yourself? Share your experience below so fellow affiliates can have a better idea as to why this is a good promotional and marketing solution for them!

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