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Our new ED product is taking the world by storm. See why BlueChew is the next big thing for affiliates and end users alike.

Earlier this month, we launched our exclusive BlueChew affiliate program. Ever since, affiliates have been able to promote an affordable, chewable tablet containing FDA-approved active ingredients found in the Cialis and Viagra lifestyle drugs. Long story short, a generic version can now be sold and we’re already seeing rock hard results.

The Erectile Dysfunction Market: A Golden Opportunity

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a giant market set to reach no less than $7.10 billion by 2024 in the US alone, according to a recent report. Key factors contributing to such a growth in business can be attributed to an increase in strategic agreements, mergers and acquisitions that will benefit a large consumer base.

For the longest time, sildenafil citrate (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis) were some of the only solutions available to customers. In 2012, Pfizer held a 40% market share in the ED drug market; It is estimated the company generated $1.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2016 alone.

So, what has changed? As we hinted at before, patents for popular ED drugs either already expired or will in the near future. The first patent for Viagra was filled in 1994 but only issued in 2002. Since the patent application was filed prior to June 8, 1995, Pfizer could choose a patent expiration either 20 years from the earliest filing date or 17 years from the issue date. Since Viagra was approved by the FDA in 1998, Pfizer went with the latter option, effectively setting the patent expiration date to October 2019.

Meanwhile, on December 11, 2017, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries was given the greenlight to create another generic.

This is the story on how BlueChew came into existence. It’s one of the first generic drugs created for erectile dysfunction made with the same active ingredients from Cialis and Viagra: sildenafil and tadalafil.

What are the main benefits of choosing BlueChew for end users?

BlueChew proves itself a hot seller due to the E.D. product’s sheer convenience, starting with the tablet’s ease-of-consumption to the tablet’s quick onset. Although you’ll still need to get an official doctor’s stamp of approval (i.e. prescription), there’s no need to stress, because everything is done online. That’s a huge relief to men everywhere, because let’s face it: who really wants to take part in that awkward real life convo in the doctor’s office?

More often than not, most men prefer skipping the in-person talk on why their little pecker stopped working properly down there.Being sold as chewable tablets, this new drug also takes effect quicker than past iterations of ED pills at a fraction of the price. Indeed, customers are looking at a base cost of $20 for 5 tablets, which is way cheaper than what many expected coming from the original product.

Why should affiliates start promoting BlueChew?

There are a lot of reasons why affiliates should choose to promote BlueChew. Chief among them is because it’s a new product that provides an elegant answer for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

You’re not selling men empty promises or snake oil; you’re giving real men out there real access to a real product that restores and revitalizes their sex life.  

And while we know you won’t be pushing this offer out of sheer goodwill either, know that BlueChew has a very high payout set at $50 per sale (PPS), with an average earnings per click (EPC) of $1.12. It’s our most profitable campaign of the past 5 years, and for this reason alone you should take notice!

Affiliates also have access to tons of high quality creatives: prelanders, banners, HTML ads, pre-rolls and pops to suit any style, whether you’re promoting on your own membersite or killing it with Media Buy.

What our Men Survey can tell us about BlueChew potential end users

Even though BlueChew is still new, we already have compiled the very first results from promoting this lucrative offer with the help of our CPA network. Initial data bodes very well for the future.

The number of respondents for our Men Survey wasn’t crazy high, but we still think it delivers eye-opening insight about the BlueChew offer.

According to our data, more than 50% of men expressed having trouble achieving or maintaining an erection. This number grows to 70% for gay men.

For men aged between 25 to 34, 38.54% admitted having trouble maintaining an erection. The older they seem to be, the softer they get: 35 to 44 (51.04%), 45 to 54 (58.73%), 55 to 64 (67.51%), 65+ (74.06%).

Perhaps more enlightening is the fact 38.67% of respondents bought products to help with their sexual performance. That’s more than a third of our user pool!

And remember our remarks about no awkward visits to the doctor? For 56% of the respondents who said they never bought any sex-enhancing products, 21.28% said it was because they didn’t want to deal with an embarrassing appointment.

What are the best ad tools and promotion methods to promote BlueChew?

Knowing how to promote BlueChew will give you the edge you need to maximize your profits. There are a lot of valid options to choose from, so feel free to try multiple promotion methods according to your budget, GEO, traffic, etc.

50 and up segment

Best ad-tools: pre-roll is the best choice, but it’s very expensive. Banners are a great and affordable alternative.

Best landing pages: The Men Surveys – Prelander Erectile BlueChew exposed & Prelander ED

Best traffic sources/promotion methods: we mainly tried display traffic, so it would be our best recommandation.

Gay segment

Best ad-tools: we had our best results with banners. Either gay/straight banners or gay-only banners are very good.

Best landing pages: BlueChew Exposed Gay & Advertorial Gay

Best traffic sources/promotion methods:

Gay dating traffic is definitely the best. If you have good experience in mailing, there’s a lot of potential for your campaigns. Display is also a great option.

Our data shows that targeting the gay market is the way to go: this segment represents about 70% of our sales for this particular offer and twice as many customers.

One of our affiliates is having a lot of success with BlueChew by promoting the chewable pill on a gay membership adult site—alone managing to achieve 17% of our sales volume, which is a big feat.

Straight segment

Best ad-tools: Pre-roll is at the top, but it’s very expensive. Banners are a great alternative, especially classic banners (informative style)

Best landing pages: Prelander ED  

Best traffic sources/promotion methods:

To date, the best results were achieved with display traffic. We are currently working with native ads because there’s a lot of potential with that traffic source. Promoting through blogs seems to result in a very high EPC.

General note on creatives for BlueChew

Despite what you might think, when it comes to creatives, our best results were achieved with ads that are devoid of nudity and depict a medical/natural solution to end users. In fact, with BlueChew, it seems your best bet is to bank on its simplicity rather than your typical run-of-the-mill clickbait content like “I grew 6 inches overnight…learn how!!!

Happy promoting!

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