Reap the Rewards of CR’s New RANKING System Starting this April!

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This April, we'll be rolling out a NEW Affiliate RANKING system at CrakRevenue complete with a lot of cool perks. Learn all about it here!

How would you rank yourself as an affiliate?  Beginner, intermediate, or pro?

As we like to say… the best affiliates deserve recognition.

That’s why starting this April — April 1, 2017 — we’ll be rolling out an affiliate ranking system at CrakRevenue.

No April Fools here!

Starting April 1st, whether you’re simply an active affiliate, VIP Affiliate, or full-fledged Whale worthy of ultra-elite ELITE CLUB status, there’s perks to be had for everyone.

Here’s a little bit of a breakdown of the three affiliate ranks that will be in play.

Active Affiliate

Something for everyone.

This entry level CrakRevenue ranking just about speaks for itself.

That’s right — just by working with everyone’s favorite Whale network you get access to hundreds of top converting offers and the same great dedicated, unparalleled support you’ve come to know and expect.

Have a question?  Send us a message via CrakRevenue’s award-winning Help Desk!

VIP Affiliate

Our VIP perks are golden!

CrakRevenue affiliates who send a whole bunch of traffic are eligible for exclusive promotions, exclusive offers, and exclusive account management.

You’re a VIP affiliate and you know it.  You’re in the top 200.

Being in CrakRevenue’s TOP 200 even qualifies you for an eligible Annual Payout Bump in addition to other great perks!

See Affiliate Ranking table for full Annual Payout Bump details…


Get A-list treatment!

Let’s get real for a sec.

Affiliates in this club are the best of the best.

If you achieve ELITE CLUB status — it’s clear you mean business.

CrakRevenue’s ELITE CLUB is comprised of the TOP 50 affiliates. And you can bet ELITE CLUB status must come with some equally ELITE perks!

The perks do not end there — in addition to all the same great benefits afforded to active & VIP affiliates, ELITE affiliates can opt to receive a one-month Referral Earnings bump of 20%.  

But that’s not all!

CR’s most prestigious affiliates are eligible to receive a pretty sweet Annual Payout perk that of course exudes eliteness!

See Affiliate Ranking table for full Annual Payout Bump details…

This is BIG LEAGUE STUFF! Or, as President the Donald says… BIGLY!

Oh, and did we mention we’ll even send you a Christmas gift that won’t soon be forgotten come the holidays…?

You betcha.


So, what are you waiting for? …

Start sending more traffic today and let your competitive side shine!
It’s go time!

  • Vladimir Popovic

    Thumbed Up! If this will help beginner affiliates stay in the game, and give them a chance to go up. Regards!

  • ayumipiedotcom

    Out Standing !

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