Behold! We’ve Achieved the Perfect Funnel

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At CrakRevenue, we put your mind at ease by providing you with tools you need to achieve the perfect sales funnel.

Some of us like things messy, but it’s probably safe to say most of us like things a little bit neater. We all have those OCD-moments at times. That could explain why it bothers some of us when we’re at the pump filling up our tanks and we don’t land on that perfectly round number.

If you’re kind of like that – don’t worry: we’re about to offer you a pure moment of peace.

Thanks to our customizable DaPink thumbnails, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect funnel.

We’ll take care of the rest!  All you have to do is customize your link.

Do you see the huge opportunity here?

You’ll have a banner that links to a thumbnail of the same video as seen in the banner.

The perfect funnel… in all its splendor

Try it now along with this week other top offers.

– Papa Whale




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