7 tips to succeed with cam offers

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If you can worm your way into cam offers, money can really flow. But if you do not do it the right way, it can be quite daunting.

We’ve known for a while now how profitable adult cam offers can be for affiliates.

What we’re going to share with you now is a 7-step guide to arm you to face the Cam offers beast. These are seven sure-fire ways to be on top of the mound, making money promoting high-quality cam offers.

What makes Cams unique 

Cams are unlike anything else in the adult industry; their appeal is largely due to the interactive experience they provide. Users are in constant contact with a live performer, this encourages users to tip the performers on a continuous basis.

Cams are upfront and personal. This is something you see less in other adult mediums.

Just like the most popular streamers are able to gather huge online crowds, great adult cam performers attract thousands of viewers at any given time! 

It’s all kinda crazy but you’re not going to complain about it, right?

Welcome to the Live Cam jungle 

Great numbers mean that there’s a real demand for such offers. But with demand comes stiff competition. Of the affiliates that have tried promoting cam offers at one point, some got burnt along the way but many have been hooked since day 1. 

It’s a favorite for a number of reasons: it looks easy enough, it’s popular and there’s huge money involved.

Read on if you’re prepared to work hard and earn good money promoting cam models.

Although you’re guaranteed to find useful information no matter where your affiliate expertise and experience currently stand, we will assume that you are a beginner. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you still will learn though.

Entering the lion’s den

If you are just starting out with cams, there is no getting around it: it’s going to be an uphill battle. Cams have been around for a while  — more than 17 years in some cases! So affiliates have been promoting adult cam offers for almost two decades already.

If you are a beginner, you have…some catching up to do.

Therefore, how do you step into this gladiator-style arena and not get instantly torn to pieces?


You’ll be going head-to-head against people who have more experience and resources than you. People that have been around for a while, people who know this business inside and out. However, it only takes one powerful stone’s throw to face a Goliath.

So, with that said, let’s do this!

Step 1: Set goals 

Before doing anything else, it’s important to know what you’re aiming for.

Banner with the letters S.M.A.R.T. written across it

Our preferred way to proceed is with SMART goals. That is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

If you end up with something too broad like “make money,” you could earn $0.01 and call it a day. However, that’s not ambitious enough. Try something better such as “make $100 with adult cam offers in September 2020.” If it seems steep for you, go for half the amount, as long as it remains challenging.

Once you’ve set up your goals, it’s time to jump to the next step.

Step 2: Gather intel 

The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.

This is a quote from Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu, in his work The Art of War.

If you want to be successful promoting cam offers (or anything else really), pay attention to what your competitors are doing and what’s trending. Your scouting skills will go a long way in building a sustainable business.

Here’s a little hypothetical situation to help you understand where we are coming from. For starters, let’s say that the top GEOs accounting for 88% of spending in a popular white label are:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • France

Therefore, it would be wise to target these countries with all your affiliate marketing efforts.

Sure, it’ll be more expensive. But it should cost more, as these countries make up the bulk of most traffic.

Of course, if you’re an affiliate, we’ve already optimized banners and landing pages for you based on our extensive data!

You also need to be aware of trends.

We also notice that a majority (>50%) of user spending from the aforementioned white label comes from paid chat, so that would be another area you could focus on later to generate even more money. It’s all about maximizing your profit-making chances!

Pro tip about intel: Cam sites usually showcase their most popular performers. For instance, MyFreeCams lists the top 100 cam models who earned the most tokens for a given month.

It’s always a good idea to bookmark such pages so you get a pulse on rising stars who are most likely to generate hype — and convert!

If you want more in-depth competitive intelligence, be sure to use ad spy tools. They’re really useful at uncovering precious data (keywords, top banners, etc.).

Step 3: Choose a niche

Ignore the naysayers and don’t let fellow affiliates drag you down by telling you the cam vertical is saturated.

While there’s some truth to this — thousands of affiliates promote cam offers — there’s always room for new players. The pool to draw from is huge, especially if you’re fishing for more “exotic” fish … so to speak.

Narrow it down to the one niche that you’re going to promote. If you try to compete at the same level as other, more established affiliates right off the bat, well, we can tell you right now you’re going to have a terrible experience.

To find your niche, use a tool like SemRush, and start doing some keyword research. Here’s an August 2018 competitive comparison between the very generic “adult cam” keyword and “gay cam” (possible niche, although still a bit broad).

semrush software gaycam analysis

Semrush adult cam analysis screenshot


Here’s the key takeaways we want to bring to your attention:

  • Cost per click (CPC) is almost twice the price with the generic keyword
  • Competition is significantly less for the generic keyword
  • There’s more organic search for the niche, which is very nice

So if you were to run paid ads as a media buyer or create a website/landing page, “gay cam” would cost you less …  but with sweeter potential ROI.

Be sure to take a look at related keywords and phrases match to pursue all available options.

When choosing a niche, be careful not to be too narrow as you want traffic, also.

“Pantyhose cam” might sound like a great choice, but the volume just isn’t there. It’s about striking a balance between CPC, traffic (volume) and competition.

An alternative to niching- Thinking outside the box

Anything can work as long as you give a creative twist to an already successful recipe. You don’t have to choose a niche: it’s just a way to limit costs and bring very targeted traffic. One could choose to promote all types of adult cam offers and make decent money by adding a twist to an existing concept.

For instance, adult cam reviews are numerous, and all basically use the same recipe. The reviews are written by webmasters and/or affiliates.

What if you brought in a fresh take, by having the reviews written from cam performers themselves? This could be the twist that separates you from the masses!

There are plenty of opportunities. It’s up to you to grab them!

Step 4: Buy a domain 

Direct linking to cam offers is not recommended. Why, you might ask?

Simply put, it’s because landing pages rock. They help you set up a complete sales funnel that will squeeze out bad prospects and turn qualified visitors into great leads.

Even if you’re buying spots/flats, it’s a good idea to have your own domain instead of direct linking to an offer.

It’s not only about reducing bounce rate and generating more leads. Landing pages will allow you to build a mailing list — your weapon of choice for remarketing.

When choosing your domain name, try to have at least one relevant keyword to your niche. Since we’re talking about cam offers, your domain should have “cam” in it, something like “adulterocam(dot)com” (feel free to grab it!).

The .com top-level domain (TLD) is still the best due to its long history, but affiliates have also been successful using other domain extensions like .co, .xxx and others.

If you’re having trouble choosing a registrar, look at GoDaddy: they usually have $0.99 .com domains for the first year (new clients only)!

Step 5: Choose your offers

Now that you have a better understanding of what you’ll be promoting on a macro level, it’s time to choose cam offers that will convert your traffic.

To do so, simply choose Offers from our affiliate dashboard and choose the cam vertical. Now depending on your niche different choices are possible.

Of course, we also have amazing one-size-fits-all cam offers. If you’re using a niche, the trick would be to send your traffic to a specific landing page. 

Most of our most popular adult cam offers have many different landing pages to choose from.

If you need more guidance, feel free to ask your Affiliate Manager about what’s currently trending, or use our Smartlink tool which automates most of the process for you!

Step 6: Get traffic 

This right here might be where most affiliates fumble or are stopped in their tracks.

To get exposure for your cam offers, you first need to understand the different types of Internet traffic.

  • Direct (type-in): the user typed your domain in his or her browser search bar and accessed your website as such
  • Organic: the user found your website on search engines by typing a relevant keyword
  • Paid: the user clicked on a link or ad leading to your website
  • Referral (backlinks): the user clicked on a link from another website that leads to yours
  • Mailing: the user clicked on a link inside an email leading to your website
  • Social: the user clicked on a link from social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) leading to your website

That’s 6 channels you can use to bring more people to your website, thus your cam offers. Of these, direct is very interesting because it requires end-users to remember your domain name in order to access your website.

Organic traffic is very valuable because it’s earned by delivering quality content with careful use of on-site and off-site SEO techniques.

Paid traffic is what you expect: running ads on a network such as Google Adwords or buying flats from a service like Traffic Factory.

Referrals or backlinks are a powerful ranking signal for search engines. These are important factors to take into consideration if you want to boost your page rank (PR). The more traffic the source has, the more powerful the backlink is. 

Mailing is still one of the most effective marketing tools the Internet has to offer. Unfortunately, if you’re just starting out, it’ll take time building one with qualified users.

Social is cheap to get a few hits to your website. Then you can start paying to reach influencers and boost your traffic.

I will shop for a YouTube video on this topic and place it here

Quick tips to generate traffic to your adult cam offers

  • Write exceptional content to build organic traffic. We’re talking 1,000+ words using targeted keywords, headings and something valuable for your visitors.
  • Network with fellow webmasters/affiliates, ask for backlink opportunities and their own tips to make money online.
  • Add a signature pointing to your domain and post on popular adult forums. Disclaimer: not all of them allow links in signature, always double-check with their terms of condition (TOS)

Step 7: Polish your sales funnel 

Traffic is essential to begin driving sales. But once you manage to get people to land on your website, you have just begun!

A/B Test everything!

Once you’ve set up everything and started sending traffic to your cam offers, it’s time for some much-needed A/B testing. Even small changes can lead to big changes in CTR.

Unless you’re using a pre-lander this might not be something you’re in control of as an affiliate, but it’s good to know in case you create your own landing pages at some point.

One way to optimize landings with A/B testing is by using heat maps: you want to know what your visitors do once they reach your pages. Where do people click the most? What draws their attention?

Push them to take action

There are lots of reasons why a visitor won’t turn into a conversion. One reason might have to do with a lack of scarcity & urgency triggers. You need to convey these feelings. Here are a few ideas:

  • Add a countdown timer… “This offer expires in 20 minutes!”
  • Add the number of times an offer can be redeemed… “only X remaining!”
  • Give an incentive for taking action today… “50% off today only!”

Also make sure to use a powerful & short call-to-action. Something like “get it now!” could work, but feel free to try different variations.

Other tips to make money with adult cam offers


Once you have a winning formula, it’s important to reinvest any profits into your affiliate operations. Positive return on investment (ROI) should be seen as an opportunity to scale up.  The last thing you want is to spend your profits and think you’ve now found a passive income.

We need your feedback

We have a good feeling this guide will help you get off the ground promoting adult cam offers as an affiliate. Feel free to share your comments and suggestions below where fellow affiliate marketers and members of our affiliate team will be able to chime in.


*The link to the affiliate dashboard might lead you to a login page if you are not registered as an affiliate with us. Please register to have access to the dashboard.


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