The Future of Affiliate Marketing

Smartlinks are extremely efficient and simple to use. These unique links have been intelligently created to provide a genuinely personalized experience for each user, no matter who or where they are. Start promoting relevant offers from our rich portfolio today and see immediate results.


Have you ever wondered how much of your traffic slips through the cracks? One reason you might be missing out on higher sales is because your offers aren’t suited to the preferences of your site visitors. Thankfully, this problem is a thing of the past with our sophisticated Smartlink tool. We made it easy to grab a uniquely generated link and use it to send your traffic to the most relevant, highly profitable offers from our extensive portfolio.

In essence, Smartlinks are used to customize the user experience and guide customers to a web page or app where they’ll find personalized content made just for them. Smartlinks take into account a wide range of stats that are used to send potential customers to offers they actually want to see. This includes important data such device type, operating system, location and specific preferences.

Optimized on a daily basis, Smartlinks are a complete game changer in the world of affiliate marketing. This piece of cutting-edge technology allows you to target clients based on their interaction with certain content and the info gathered from said interactions. On top of the most relevant offers from our affiliate program , Smartlinks lead traffic to the best creatives and landing pages — with the highest CTR possible!

Smartlinks: The Sophisticated Deep Linking Solution

CrakRevenue affiliates get access to our unique Smartlinks , which are not only super profitable , they’re easy to set up and use right away. Give users a more personalized experience by offering what they want to see. Here are a few reasons why Smartlinks can be highly valuable to your online marketing campaigns:

  • Intelligent Offers

    Smartlinks have the ability to automatically direct users to the best possible offers, therefore providing the best experience, by simply evaluating a broad range of information such as location, device and operating system. With our Smartlinks, your traffic will be automatically redirected to the top-converting offers. As far as relevancy and potential sale, this is the ultimate package!

  • Set and Forget

    With Smartlinks, all you have to do is copy and paste your unique links wherever you want them to appear on your sites or campaigns. Once set, you don’t have to think about them anymore. That’s how easy it is to set up high-converting Smartlinks and start seeing the results. Make no mistake: this is artificial intelligence working to make you extra money.

  • Higher Profits

    Forget about wasting precious time testing offers manually. CrakRevenue helps its affiliate increase their profits by offering unique links that dynamically select the best offers available and therefore make the most money from your traffic. If you haven’t tried Smartlinks before, expect to see you’re revenue rise between 20% and 25%.