Who is behind Crakrevenue?

Our professional team includes skilled marketers, inspired designers and IT experts, all committed into making every partnership a success.

What is Crakrevenue?

The idea was born from our need of an internal stats and revenue tracking program for all of the traffic we manage. CR - an affiliate resource that allows partners to find the best products to monetize traffic, has evolved to become a powerful CPA platform that we offer to select partners. After much testing, we have been able to open up the program to receive more applications so that everyone can take advantage of our high-performing platform. CrakRevenue is made by affiliates for affiliates.

Why join Crakrevenue?

We only display offers that we've tested to ensure high-conversion rates. Use our geo-targeting tools to better filter your traffic and maximize your revenue. Receive sponsor payments which are pooled into a single cheque. Take advantage of our in depth stats analysis tools.

We've tested over 1,000 adult sponsors in order to become successful. We know what converts with different types of traffic. Sign up now and benefit from our knowledge and tools. We guarantee to provide you with only proven converting offers and tours created by our experienced team of lead generators.

Why use CrakRevenue instead of going directly to a sponsor?

It's simple... work smarter, not harder. We develop exclusive tools that send traffic to the best performing offers. You could try doing it yourself, but you would quickly find out how time consuming and expensive it would be to achieve the same results you could instantly achieve by working with us. Also, our high sales volume allows us to offer higher payouts that regular affiliates don't have access to. Therefore, we either match or beat current standard payouts offered by sponsors. So it all comes down to a single fact: you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up with us. Use our custom high-converting tools, stats tracking software and the oh-so-sweet opportunity to receive all your sponsor payouts in a single cheque!

How can I join?

If you have traffic and want to try our offers: click on the Apply Now button, then fill in the form.

What if I need support?

Click on the green floating box at the bottom of the site that says, "How can we help?" or simply click Contact Us at support@crakrevenue.com.

How can I become an advertiser?

Click on the Apply Now button to become an Advertiser. We will contact you with more details.

Can I earn extra money by referring people?

Yes, if someone signs up under your link, you will receive 5% in referral commissions. Look for the "Make More $$$" - Webmaster Referral tab to get your referral link!

Do you have tutorials on how CrakRevenue works?

Sure we do! Check out our blog to find many helpful tips and resources to make more money. There you will also find tutorials that give you step-by-step easy to follow instructions that will help you on the path to success. CrakRevenue Blog: blog.crakrevenue.com.

Do you sell traffic?

We do not sell traffic. CrakRevenue is a CPA platform that specializes in traffic conversion. You send your traffic to our offers, we send you a big check in return.

Do you accept chat traffic?

We do not accept chat traffic. It is strictly prohibited to promote any CrakRevenue offers through spam (via email, forums, comments and instant messenger), content locking and other deceitful tactics. Read point 3.6 of our terms of service.

Do you guys send any documents for taxes? And how should I report the income I made from you?

We do not send any tax forms. You will declare your earnings as commissions.

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What payment methods do you offer?

We pay in USD by Paxum, Payoneer, wire or cheque.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is $100. For wires, the minimum is $500.

What are the terms of payment?

There are two payment periods per month. The first starts on the 1st of the month and ends on the 15th. The second period starts on the 16th and ends on the last day of the month. We pay Net 30. That means you will be paid 30 days after the end of a period.
Example: If you reach your minimum payout during the March 1 to March 15 period, your payment will be sent on April 15.

Where can I see my pending/paid amount and my payment history?

Click on your profile tab and select Payment History.

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What types of offers do you have?

We have all types of premium offers in many markets such as: dating, webcams, VOD, content lockers, etc. The offers also cover all kinds of adult niches such as amateur, hardcore, teen, black, fetish and more.

Who provides the offers?

With many years of experience in the adult industry, we are in a key position to select only the best partners and offer deals exclusively from companies who have been proven to convert and have a clean payment history.

How do I choose between multiple offers?

Start by looking through our Top Offers. We've handpicked these offers based on how well they've performed compared to all of the other offers in our platform. You can also filter your search by offer type, niche or country. We also recommend that you use our new Geo-Matic tool to make the process of filtering your traffic and choosing which offers to promote an easy one.

What is this Geo-Matic Tool I've heard so much about?

It's our unique “Set & Forget” tool. Get your code from our Tools section and set it up on any of your domains. We will take care of analyzing your traffic and displaying the best offer based on your niche and the geo-location of your visitor. Basically, we take care of studying your user demographics and optimizing the ads being displayed to maximize your earnings.

Do you offer mobile solutions?

Yes, many of the offers are mobile-ready. We have also come up with a few innovative geo products.

What are the payouts?

We have many options such as Pay Per Lead (PPL), Pay Per Sign-up (PPS) and payment through Revshare. Because you are joining a group of webmasters who generate large volumes of leads, you will have access to higher payouts. Obviously, the more traffic you send, the more we will be able to raise your payout.

Do you have creatives and other promo material readily available?

Yes! We have exclusive promo tools in multiple banner sizes, IM & popup solutions, and many different tour designs to suit your needs. Every tool is created in-house by experienced marketers who understand the need to design ads that result in significant ROI.

Do you geo-target your offers?

We are highly specialised in geo-targeting - that is how we provide only the best converting offers available for each region.

I have an offer/product that I would like to place in CrakRevenue. How do I proceed?

We are always looking for interesting new offers. You can send an email to business@crakrevenue.com with your business proposal.

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Why are my PPL programs capped/blocked?

All new CrakRevenue affiliates start out with a cap of 25 leads per day, per PPL program for a minimum 5-day period. You’re just starting out with us, so this will allow us to get to know you better before we grant you full access.

What will happen to the leads I send while my account is capped/blocked?

During this trial period, if or when the cap is surpassed, the offer will be redirected to the appropriate Revshare program. The cap is only temporary and will be lifted as soon as we're able to see that you’re sending quality traffic that converts.

When will my PPL programs become uncapped/unblocked?

We closely monitor capped accounts and will automatically lift the restriction once the conversion ratio is satisfactory. You will be notified immediately once the cap is lifted from your account. Although, If you happen to send more than 25 leads per day to a specific program during this small time period, please contact your affiliate manager.

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How often are stats updated?

Your stats are updated every hour.

How long will it take to see my first stats?

The maximum delay to see your first hits in our admin is 90 minutes and the minimum is 30 minutes. If your stats aren't updating, please contact us immediately so we can look into the problem.

Are your stats geo-specific?

Yes. We can display reports on your stats on a per country basis. You can also generate reports by country for clicks, earnings, epc, ratios, etc.

Can I export my data?

Of course! You can easily export your stats to a CSV format with the periods and parameters of your choice.

How are my sales tracked?

As a new affiliate, you will receive a unique ID number which is automatically added to all of your links to properly track your sales.

Why can’t I see the conversions for the PPL offers in my stats?

We do not disclose the conversions numbers on PPL programs. We monitor conversions on our side for traffic quality purposes. If there’s an issue with your conversion ratios, we will contact you.

What is a tracker and why should I use it?

A tracker is a way to tag your campaigns, traffic sources, ad spots and banner names. You can use any alphanumeric characters for your trackers and separate elements with an underscore or dash. A tracker helps you pinpoint how many hits are coming from a particular source and how many sales are being generated.

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